Partition is testimony to the damaged love -- which can often feel like hate -- between India and Pakistan.

Catalonians are standing up to two deadly terrorist attacks on their soil.

Bannon wanted to reorient U.S. grand strategy on China, but now those who want the status quo may prevail

The Qatar I lived in for eight years is unrecognizable from the TV ads running in Washington.

By sentencing Joshua Wong and two other student leaders to prison, Hong Kong has turned its back on its youth.

  • Joshua Wong, Johnson Ching-Yin Yeung
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  • DemocracyPost
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  • 1 day ago
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Officials have long peddled the “Moroccan exception,” but recent protests highlight the regime’s tenuous balance.

China is investing heavily in new surveillance technology — and exporting its Orwellian approach abroad.

The country’s name is again a toxic word in American politics.

The man who built his rhetoric around the Holocaust is willing to speak softly about anti-Semitism and revived Nazism.

More than 60 children died in a hospital in Uttar Pradesh.

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