Vladimir Putin's latest playground -- Venezuela -- is designed to lessen U.S. power.
  • Sep 6

‘Rocket Man’ rhetoric aside, this address embraced the international community.

The president sounded more like a mob boss than a statesman.

There’s nothing like a $3.66 million payout to help teach foreigners a lesson or two about Australia and "boganism."

Two of Germany's immigrant groups are now large enough to influence elections. Will the country adapt?

Why an amnesty for corrupt members of the old regime is a major setback for the transition.

  • Fadil Aliriza, Ouiem Chettaoui
  • ·
  • DemocracyPost
  • ·
  • 15 hours ago
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I'm raising my voice because we Saudis deserve better.

Trump's familiar belligerence is expected to make his U.N. appearance must-see TV.

A U.N. body is set to publicly call for the release of two Iranian Americans imprisoned unjustly in Tehran.

Data on Israeli settlements shows that it isn’t too late for a two-state solution.

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