Cuba tried to save its baseball team. Its efforts had unintended consequences.

An attempt to get Major League Baseball players on the Cuban national team inadvertently created a powerful symbol for Cubans everywhere.

By Abraham Jiménez EnoaMarch 28, 2023

Netanyahu’s unforced error could come with heavy costs

The Israeli political crisis should ease now. But what damage has it done to the country's security interests?

By David IgnatiusMarch 27, 2023

Yes, TikTok is a threat to America. But so are U.S. social media companies.

TikTok isn’t the only popular social media platform beholden to China.

By Max BootMarch 27, 2023

Ukraine smolders as Europe comes slowly awake

A pair of news reports illustrates Europe's too-gradual response to the biggest war on the continent in seven decades.

By the Editorial BoardMarch 26, 2023

The data on covid’s origins from the Wuhan market must be made public

The world's scientists need to scrutinize genetic sequences from the Huanan Seafood Market.

By Amy MaxmenMarch 25, 2023

European elites won’t be able to ride out this populist storm

This will take more than patience; it will take change.

By Henry OlsenMarch 24, 2023

In Afghanistan, women and girls are being erased

One year after the Taliban started closing women's and girls' schools, the terrible toll is only growing. Don't look away.

By Shabana Basij-RasikhMarch 23, 2023

Israel’s president proposes a dangerous compromise to end a crisis

Herzog's plan cedes far too much ground to Netanyahu’s plans and would weaken Israel's already fragile democracy.

By Gershom GorenbergMarch 23, 2023

Macron has put French democracy on the line, more than pension plans

The French president's approach to pension reform is an insult to good-faith democratic procedure.

By Rokhaya DialloMarch 22, 2023

The despots of Russia and Belarus cannot jail freedom

No amount of police searches and arrests can bottle up an idea — including the notion that people want to live free of the despots ruling Russia and Belarus.

By the Editorial BoardMarch 22, 2023

How to make the sanctions on Russia really hurt

Sanctions have squeezed the economy undergirding Putin's war in Ukraine. The West can tighten the screws more, especially on Moscow's energy revenue.

By the Editorial BoardMarch 21, 2023

The pre-Pearl Harbor GOP is back

Republicans have been drawn to a quasi-isolationist, Asia First foreign policy.

By Max BootMarch 21, 2023

The moral and legal case for sending Russia’s frozen $300 billion to Ukraine

There would be an elegant justice in transferring Moscow's frozen central bank assets to the nation ravaged by Vladimir Putin's invasion.

By Lawrence H. Summers, Philip D. Zelikow and Robert B. ZoellickMarch 20, 2023

In Hong Kong, face masks are finally optional — but distrust remains

There are fledgling signs of pre-covid normality, both good and bad.

By Keith B. RichburgMarch 19, 2023

U.S. companies must stop enabling mass DNA collection in Tibet

Chinese authorities’ collection of DNA is just one piece of one of the most comprehensive and intrusive surveillance and monitoring systems on Earth.

By Josh RoginMarch 19, 2023

Some of my GOP colleagues have lost their moral compass on Ukraine

Simply opposing aid to Ukraine because President Biden supports it is not a viable foreign policy.

By Chris SununuMarch 18, 2023

The Iraq War helped destroy what it meant to be an Iraqi

Despite Saddam Hussein's repressions, a fragile sense of Iraqi identity persisted. America's mistakes following the invasion blew up what remained.

By Feurat AlaniMarch 17, 2023

20 years later, despite America’s carelessness, Iraq is recovering

Disastrous U.S. blunders in Iraq made what would have been a difficult period after Saddam Hussein much worse. Nevertheless, Iraq is slowly getting better.

By Rajiv ChandrasekaranMarch 17, 2023

How China is heralding the beginnings of a multipolar Middle East

Iran-Saudi rapprochement shakes up a status quo that was never very stable in the first place.

By David IgnatiusMarch 16, 2023

In the Western Balkans, the West is trying to push Russia out

A settlement between Serbia and Kosovo pursued by the West may help sideline Russia in the region. But a hasty deal could leave the door open to Moscow.

By Agon MaliqiMarch 16, 2023