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Jurassic World

7:45 PM

Editorial Review

Arlington Cinema 'N' Drafthouse is one of the few theaters in the Metro area that mixes beer-drinking with movie-watching.

The drafthouse sells food -- including sandwiches, pizza and that 'ol standby, popcorn -- and beverages (including ones with hops) during the screening of second-run films, allowing for a more relaxed cinematic experience. The comfortable chairs and lounge setting more than make up for the theater's slightly physically run-down condition. Smoking is permitted but only in the center section of seats. The screen size is comparable to a moderately large theater and the venue is usually crowded. Patrons 21 and older, or those accompanied by a parent, are permitted to enter.

Perhaps it's because of the alcoholic drinks on the menu, but experiencing a movie here is vastly different than at other theaters. It feels more like a shared group experience.

-- Chad Capellman, with updates by Jen Chaney

Modified for Hearing Impaired: No
Disabled Access: Entering through the rear of the theater, those in wheelchairs have limited access to tables. The restrooms are wheelchair-accessible.

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the funny thing about the draft house aint on comedy night

OMG. i thought you test your jokes on dorm buddies, guys at work, i thought guys and girls practice before they get up on stage in front of people to perform. I was under the impression that when you pay to see a comedian that they 1 be funny and 2 have jokes. its like come one come all at this place. i went for a comedy night and thought i was gonna laugh because i was half drunk.. and buzzing.. not the case at all. these people get on stage like there is no fear of getting booed off. most patrons are too polite. or the joke is on me for indulging their crash and burn comedy.. good the they only get five minutes a piece.. excruciating nuff said .. The place might be cool for movies & great for beer. never ever go for comedy night.