Dev Patel plays Sir Gawain in David Lowery’s marvelous film adaptation of the Arthurian legend.

Tom McCcarthy’s latest film is part thriller, part father-daughter psychodrama, part romance and part meditation on America’s changing role.

The band of veteran club staffers perform inside their workplace on Friday night.

Offerings from Chelly the MC, Sparkheem and more.

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Cover bands, jazz performers and popular artists take to parks and outdoor stages through the summer. Here's where to find them.

Action heavy Disney flick, like the theme park ride that inspired it, is undemanding family fare.

Rhizome DC’s CSA project aims to make supporting local artists as simple as purchasing fresh produce.

At a time when life still feels uncertain, these restaurants provide welcome escapes.

Fish and food are involved, of course.

Here’s what parents need to know.

A koala, an anteater and a pod of narwhals are part of this kid-friendly safari.

Watch these new movies from home.

This week's highlights include a summer concert series with local heroes Junkyard Band and Thievery Corporation, a family-friendly Disney singalong, and Olympics viewing parties.

These spots are packed with things to see and fun activities: cool carousels, miniature trains, wildlife.

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The action star is in over his head as a father seeking to raise awareness about homophobia.

Quentin Dupieux’s latest surreal — and gleefully stupid — comedy is true to form.

We found 13 spots around the area where you can frolic in jets of water, then take a short walk or drive for a frozen treat.

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Cuba de Ayer in Burtonsville, Md., is a homestyle restaurant with an air of something special.

Joe Lapan and Alisha Edmondson’s music venue will be moving from Adams Morgan to Northeast.

Washington’s tourist attractions have finally begun to return to something resembling the pre-pandemic normal.

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