In D.C. Dream Day, we ask our favorite people in the area to tell us how they would spend a perfect day in the District.

As a prolific performer, multi-instrumentalist Janel Leppin was torn about what to do with the massive pile of worn stage clothes she accumulated over the years. Rather than purge them, she had another solution: Turn them into fine art.

“I was going to find a way to put them on the wall because there are so many memories attached to all those pieces,” says the 38-year-old Glover Park resident.

Since 2017, Leppin has crafted these tattered pieces into colorful art weavings that are now on display at Comet Ping Pong, an Upper Northwest pizza joint and music venue. It’s a project she juggles between her multiple music endeavors, which include Ensemble Volcanic Ash and Janel and Anthony (with her husband, local guitar virtuoso Anthony Pirog). Both art and music are very much a part of Leppins D.C. Dream Day, with a bit of shopping squeezed in between.

I would love to get a tea at Open City at [Washington] National Cathedral and walk around Bishop’s Garden. It’s so nice there, especially in the spring, but it’s beautiful in the winter, too.

On this very special day, I would go to Salon Bisoux. It’s in Del Ray, and Philippe and Krista Depeyrot run that salon. They do such a great job and you feel so good when you leave.

Then I’d grab my husband Anthony and we’d go up to Atomic Music [in Beltsville] — it’s a fairyland for music gear. There’s so much good stuff there, and it’s so much fun to peruse all the aisles, which are just filled with music gear.

Smile Herb Shop [in College Park] is our favorite place because we’re hippies. We love herbs and having an apothecary in our house, where we can make our own tea concoctions that get us through the day.

My husband is a guitar player and the two of us really adore guitar shops, so we’ll go to Action Music [in Falls Church] and see Matt Baker, who runs that place. And then we’d go to CD Cellar [also in Falls Church] to get some CDs and records.

I’d then see my old friend Lin Lin at Myanmar Restaurant in Merrifield for a light lunch of sour mustard tofu and watercress salad — [they have] delicious Burmese food.

I would head home and probably listen to records and practice for a while, because that is an important part of the day, and maybe do some art. Then I’d probably hit the gym. We have a Washington Sports Club nearby, and I have a trainer named Ricardo Manosalvas. He’s been helping me because I had a back injury for a long time and I haven’t been able to work out, so I have to shout him out.

Meeps is so much fun. [The store’s employees] are super helpful and they know what [my and Anthony’s] style is, so they can help us find some vintage outfits. It is important to keep working on the closet, because my closet is constantly being delved into with my weavings.

Then Anthony and I might go to Little Red Fox for coffee, Politics and Prose to buy a book, and then AFI Silver Theatre and Cultural Center. We go to AFI Silver so much to see films. Films are very important to my process as an artist and as a musician.

Afterward, we usually go to this Ethiopian place [in Silver Spring] called Abol Ethiopian Cuisine. They have this tilapia jalapeño Ethiopian dish that’s incredible, and they have gluten-free injera that’s just a little bit sour. It took a little bit of getting used to, but it’s so delicious and you don’t feel super full afterward like regular injera. And they’re very sweet there.

Next is Alice’s Jazz and Cultural Society. It’s a new treasure; a wonderful place to hear jazz. Assuming there is no time limit on this very full day, I love to have parties with neighbors and friends and for that, a bonfire is essential. That would be a perfect ending to my D.C. Dream Day.