In D.C. Dream Day, we ask our favorite people in the area to tell us how they would spend a perfect day in the District.

There’s nothing quite like rehearsing a Second City show. D.C.-based actor Kazi Jones realized as much last year, when she joined the cast of the Chicago comedy troupe’s feminist revue “She the People” for a run at Woolly Mammoth Theatre . Although the show’s dozens of rapid-fire sketches required the cast and crew to operate with machine-like efficiency, the partially improvised performance also demanded spontaneity.

“Their process is so specific to Second City shows, and it’s not the same as rehearsal for any other theater show,” says Jones, 39. “So I was observing, listening and then taking risks, because that’s what they do.”

A year later, Jones has reunited with the “She the People” team for a second straight holiday season at Woolly Mammoth. Formally titled “She the People: The Resistance Continues!” (and affectionately called “The Shequel” internally), the show again mines the #MeToo movement and Trump presidency in search of topically comedic gold. “The Resistance Continues!” is packed with new material, but the political climate has kept “She the People’s” patriarchy-skewering themes all too relevant.

“It’s so funny,” Jones says, “because not a lot has changed.”

Although there are no politics on the Southeast resident’s ideal day in the D.C. area, there is plenty of comedy, along with a peaceful picnic and a couple of helpings of bread pudding.

The first thing I’d do is get up on a Saturday morning, do some yoga, meditate a little and get my energy together so I can go to Eastern Market early, before the crowd gets there. I’d get my natural soaps and shea butter from this great guy who works right on the corner — I wish I knew his name! I’d also get some handmade candles and a bunch of flowers from some of the other vendors. And I’d go to the Puddin’ stall, which does the New Orleans-style cooking, and I’d get a bread pudding to go — maybe eat a little bit of it and put the rest in my purse for later. Also, I’d probably buy at least three things I didn’t plan to and didn’t really need.

Then I’d go to Kingman Island and meet my four or five of my closest friends for a picnic. We would sit right on this little part of the pier where they store the kayaks and you can be right on top of the water and have a potluck. I would share some of the stuff I got from Eastern Market — but not my bread pudding. After our picnic, we’d swing by the National Museum of African American History and Culture because it’s never a bad time to go there. Then we’d go to E Street Cinema to watch a movie. It would be a rom-com I’m starring in with Trevante Rhodes, by the way.

For dinner, I would probably go to Cava Mezze on Barracks Row. They have the flaming cheese and the lamb sliders, and the harissa and bread is delicious. It would be a great place to go with a group because we could just order a lot of stuff and eat each other’s food.

After that I would prepare for my one-woman show — tentatively titled “Kazi!” — which would be opening at the Anacostia Playhouse. I love that space, and I love the people that work there. The show would be sold out, my whole family would come up from North Carolina to visit and see it, and the show would be great.

I’m kind of a solo traveler, so even though my family is in town, I’d then go by myself to an open mic at Drafthouse Comedy. I love open mic comedy — I’ve gone up one time, just because I felt like I should try it, but I enjoy being in the crowd a lot more. Drafthouse is a great space because seasoned comics will try to workshop new material, and then you’ll also have completely new faces. I just love all of it because I think it takes a lot of nerve to do it.

The last thing I’d do is go to the Queen Vic. Usually on Saturdays there’s a bartender named Joe Schinosi who works upstairs, and if I get there by 11:30 [p.m.], he’ll put on “Saturday Night Live.” So I’d get there just in time to order a Jack Daniel’s with one ice cube and a Carlsberg beer and watch the opening of SNL with Joe, with Will Ferrell or Maya Rudolph hosting. Then, when I get back home, I would sit on the couch and finally eat the rest of that bread pudding.