In D.C. Dream Day, we ask our favorite people in the area to tell us how they would spend a perfect day in the District.

After four years of channeling her inner child, Alexa Torres is finally growing up for good.

The 23-year-old ballerina had, in one way or another, performed as the central child Clara in the Washington Ballet’s production of “The Nutcracker” every holiday season since 2017. Those first two years, she played the role regularly. During the 2019 run, Torres initially reprised Clara, then passed the torch and took on other characters. But when she was asked to play Clara again for a virtual, coronavirus-safe production last year on Marquee TV, Torres rolled back the clock one last time.

As “The Nutcracker” returned to the Warner Theatre this holiday season, however, Torres officially left Clara behind. Audiences can now see her playing a variety of roles — including the Snow Queen amid the wintry magic of Snow Pas de Deux — but not the young heroine who embarks on a fantastical Christmas Eve adventure.

“My first year, it was so fresh and I had a very specific way of thinking about Clara,” Torres says. “As I kept maturing and getting other roles, she changed as well. I just remember doing that last show [as Clara] and feeling like I was actually kind of growing and getting into the company and fulfilling that part of my life, I guess. But it’s always going to be in my heart.”

There’s no snow falling on Torres’s ideal day in the D.C. area, though, as the Dominican Republic native and Van Ness resident enjoys some warm weather, gets plenty of coffee and, inevitably, finds her way to the dance studio.

First off, it is spring on my dream day — it is not winter. I want to look at the weather and it’s 75 or 80 degrees with a little bit of a wind. Also, I don’t have a car, so I’d have a bus that takes me to every place I want to stop at.

I’d start early in the morning with a virtual Pilates class with my friend Sarah Steele. Right after that, I’d head to Bethesda Bagels with my boyfriend, Charles, and get cream cheese and lox on an everything bagel, if I’m feeling spicy, or just a good multigrain bagel. Next, I’d run to any coffee shop in the DMV that’s local — though Bread Furst is the first one that comes to mind — and get an iced coffee. I could have coffee all day.

After that, you’re going to laugh, but I’d go to Marshalls or T.J. Maxx or maybe a thrift store in Georgetown and just look around. I love walking into shops and stores and seeing what they have. From there, I would go to Busboys and Poets around U Street to get a tempeh sandwich. And I’d meet up with [President] Barack Obama or Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez there, maybe get another coffee and just have a good time.

U Street always has markets out with jewelry and local painters and flowers, so I would look around again and maybe get a D.C. sticker, since I collect those. Then, I think my perfect day has to have some sort of dance, so I would make my way home, get my ballet attire on and take a class at the Washington Ballet. It would just be a nice, feel-good class from Rubén Martín Cintas where I run one of my favorite ballets — maybe “The Sleeping Beauty” or “Giselle” or “Romeo and Juliet.” And I would not be tired at all, so it would go so smoothly.

Then I’d find a way to teleport my family here from the Dominican Republic — my mom, grandma, dad and stepdad — and watch some fireworks on the National Mall. Then, after that really, really long day, I would go back home, relax with my family and boyfriend and order some poke bowls. It doesn’t matter from where — I’ve tried a few around here and they’re all good, so I’m not too picky. Lastly, I’d make some hot cocoa and we’d all watch “Get Out,” which is my No. 1 movie — I’ve probably seen it eight or nine times. And that’s my day.