People who loved the cash-only punk-rock dive can rest easy: This version is still pretty great.

As the shutdown claims some of Washington’s most popular attractions, visitors ask “What’s still open?”

Round up your favorite bachelorettes -- or never-married besties -- for affordable cocktails at the former 2 Birds 1 Stone location.

The National Academy of Science's “Two Scientists Walk Into a Bar” program is the latest event to introduce academia to a barroom setting.

Istanbul street food and a health-conscious British restaurant chain join the competition for your fast-casual dining dollars.

Pig roasts, stein-holding contests and liters of German beer are on the horizon over the next few weeks.

It's home to some of the area's best tacos, delicious Cuban cuisine and $1.50 beers.

Washington's top Ethiopian destination reopened eight months after a fire, while other restaurants expanded D.C.'s international options.

There's something relaxing and almost soothing about playing a game of bingo.

A dispute over the use of intellectual property stops Shaw's latest pop-up bar before it even opened.

Local breweries have seen an increase in interest in the oft-maligned style.

Nando's, Taco Bamba, Arepa Zone and Rasa have great deals on after work drinks and food.

Washington is now home to three cider-makers, each with a different flavor and spirit.

I go to bars more than you do, and I still don't save seats for my wife.

Endless rain couldn't stop these eight restaurants and bars from opening this month.

The basement space, hidden under Doi Moi, will be “reconceptualized.”

Aslin is expanding its popular Navy Yard beer garden, previously only open on Nationals game days.

Watch the World Cup semifinals at official embassy viewing parties or head to bars for half-price drink specials.

The return of José Andrés's America Eats Tavern and Rustico's Ballston beer garden are among the notable arrivals.

Don't mope because the U.S. didn't make the World Cup. Take the opportunity to explore international soccer culture at local restaurants and bars.

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