If you’re interested in a monthly ($25) or yearly ($75) Capital Bikeshare membership, head to www.capitalbikeshare.com or call 877-430-2453 to sign up. You will receive a red key in the mail, which, when inserted into one of the 100-odd solar-powered docks around town, releases the bike. Those wanting to rent a bike for either one day or five days can head straight to a kiosk at any of the bicycle docks, swipe their credit card and get a code to release one of the 1,100 bikes. Helmet rental is not an option; bring your own (a couple of bike shops offer 10 percent discounts on helmets to Capital Bikeshare members: Bike and Roll DC, 50 Massachusetts Ave. NE, and Bicycle Space, 459 I St. NW. bikeandroll.com/washingtondc).

Adjust the seat to fit your height, and you’re good to go. Take the bike for a spin for up to 30 minutes at a time, and the ride is covered by your membership fee. After that the price goes up. A 60-minute ride costs an extra $1.50, 90 minutes is an additional $3 on top of that and every additional 30 minutes is $6 more.

For more information, a how-to video and a list of frequently asked questions, visit Capital Bikeshare online.

— Stephanie Merry