In D.C. Dream Day, we ask our favorite people in the area to tell us how they would spend a perfect day in the District.

Every time DJ Heat steps onto the court to soundtrack a Wizards or Mystics game, she’s virtually playing a sport of her own.

“You have to treat it like chess,” says the Southeast D.C. native. “You have to think ahead, especially with how the flow of the game is going. You know how exciting games can be in the fourth quarter when it’s down to the wire, both teams are calling timeouts almost every possession — you just got to be ready for that.”

DJ Heat, real name Nicole Mosley, became the official DJ for the Mystics in 2017 and the Wizards the following year. She applied to both gigs multiple times before snagging the job, a lifelong dream that started when Mosely got her first DJ equipment at 13 years old after falling in love with Wreckx-n-Effect’s “Rump Shaker” remix.

“Source Magazine had this DJ store that advertised different DJ packages so I ended up buying the DJ starter package,” Mosley says with a laugh. “I called them and asked them the exact amount … I was like ‘How much is it with tax?’ So I wrote it down and that’s the number I knew I had to aim for [with] my summer job.”

Keeping up with the pace and energy of games night after night requires Mosley to be in top-notch health. On her dream day, she would adventure to some of her favorite healthful food spots that are right in the heart of the neighborhood in which she grew up.

I like to do some sort of workout or exercise when I wake up. Especially when the weather is nice I enjoy walking outdoors, so my day would likely start with a walk on the new Frederick Douglass Memorial Bridge or even walking along Anacostia Park.

After that, I would likely hit up Turning Natural, the one in Anacostia. For me, even before the pandemic, I was really big on my wellness and what I put into my body, especially since I travel a lot and I’m around people a lot. The juices from Turning Natural were always a key part. They have these immunity-boosting shots called Flu Shots which have also always been a key to my wellness routine. My favorite smoothie is the Happy Hemp because that’s their green smoothie. I’m going to get a smoothie and spinach patty and I’m going to end up picking up some juices.

I would probably walk around the Anacostia Arts Center, because I don’t think a lot of people realize how many dope black-owned businesses they have inside. So you have Mahogany Books. With me, I’m either outdoors or I’m in a bookstore or record store. At Mahogany Books, I’d probably pick up a dope book to read. There’s Nubian Hueman and the Fresh Food Factory, which has great, healthy groceries. Even though I just ate at Turning Natural, Elife Vegan Restaurant is inside of there. They have the best vegan mac and cheese in the city. I will put that up with anyone.

It’s not in the city, but I would probably have to ride out to Great Falls Park. That is my peaceful local getaway. I even have a yearly pass because I go so much. I’ve found a path where I climb all the way down to get a little bit closer to the water and find a little space just to sit on the rocks and just enjoy the calmness of the water rushing in. No distractions. The cellphone service isn’t going be the greatest so I know nobody is going to blow up my phone.

I’ll probably end up starting to get hungry after a while from climbing, so I would likely go to Union Market and get some food depending how my mood is. There are two places that I eat the most at Union Market. TaKorean, because they have veggie options, or good ol’ Puddin and get some shrimp ‘n’ grits.

Gift Shop is a black-owned business at Union Market. You can go there and get a different rotation of products that are sold by black-owned businesses. It’s pretty cool; they do events there, as well.

I know Songbyrd moved their record store [Byrdland Records] to that area, so [I’ve] got to go through some records. I still have all my original record collection but I also like expanding because I know it’s the cool thing now for new artists to come out with vinyl of their work.

After that, I’d probably end up hopping down to H Street. As a record collector, you can’t just go to one store, so I would go to Cool Kids Vinyl and kill some more time until happy hour. My schedule is unconventional since I’m a DJ and of course, most of my friends from this area have day jobs and work a lot of government jobs, so happy hour is a big thing with my friend group. We’d have happy hour at KitchenCray. Listen, I’ve never had a bad thing at Kitchen Cray. I’m a big seafood person, so I know happy hour will turn into dinnertime.

On my way home I’d stop by Insomnia Cookies. I’ve actually done this where me and my friends left Kitchen Cray, and I don’t know what it is, but after a few drinks I want something sweet even though we just had food.