The fluffernutter milkshake at the Salt Line. (Sonia Rao/The Washington Post)

The days of the 10-cent malt are gone, but milkshakes are back and bigger than ever — literally. These elaborate concoctions, often known as “insane” or “super” milkshakes and topped with everything from chocolate doughnuts to mini cheeseburgers, will please your eyes (and your Instagram) almost as much as your taste buds.

Recruit a friend — and an extra straw — to slurp up every drop.

Fluffernutter milkshake at the Salt Line

Keeping in line with its New England theme, the Salt Line puts a spin on the all-American sandwich, the fluffernutter. The milkshake, the dessert menu’s only drink, is a towering treat: A simple glass houses the nutty shake, made with vanilla ice cream from Ice Cream Jubilee and peanut butter; its top half is coated in crushed peanuts and chocolate sprinkles. A chocolate-covered doughnut sits on the rim, topped with toasted marshmallows, a crispy doughnut hole and saltwater taffy. Served with two moist towelettes to aid your inevitably sticky fingers, this sweet spectacle is a great option for a postgame celebration: The restaurant is across the street from Nationals Park. $15. 79 Potomac Ave. SE. 202-506-2368.

The milky cereal super milkshake at HalfSmoke. (Maia Silber/The Washington Post)

The cookies-and-cream super crazy milkshake at Lincoln’s Bar-B-Que. (Maia Silber/The Washington Post)

Milky cereal super milkshake at HalfSmoke

Remember when Saturday mornings meant it was time for cartoons and Fruity Pebbles? Try HalfSmoke’s most popular shake, and you’ll be transported back to those halcyon days, when you savored the sugary milk at the bottom of your cereal bowl. Gobs of whipped cream, rainbow-colored cereal dust and a Rice Krispies treat adorn this “super” milkshake, one of three available at the restaurant. If you really feel nostalgic, you can play foosball or Jenga, handily supplied in HalfSmoke’s whimsical dining room. The check arrives inside a video case, Disney’s “Pinocchio” — a final throwback for ’90s kids. $10. 651 Florida Ave. NW. 202-986-2079.

Cookies-and-cream super crazy milkshake at Lincoln’s Bar-B-Que

At Lincoln’s Bar-B-Que, this “super crazy” flavor comes in a beer mug lined with chocolate-covered pretzels, crunchy cookies and Oreo chunks. You might get distracted by all the toppings — three inches of sprinkle-coated whipped cream and a cookie-laden toothpick top off the ensemble — but don’t forget to dig to the very bottom for that last thick, creamy scoop. You might hear other diners discussing their favorite cuts of smoked meat. But after trying this shake, you’ll know you’ve chosen the right part of the cow. $10. Add bourbon for $3. 931 Ellsworth Dr., Silver Spring. 301-578-1660.

The dulce de leche insane milkshake at Sugar Factory. (Sonia Rao/The Washington Post)

Dulce de leche insane milkshake at Sugar Factory, Pentagon City

Decorated with crystal chandeliers and a wall of candy dispensers, Sugar Factory is a sweets lover’s dream come true. Although the eatery’s 60-ounce cocktails occupy most of the menu — the colorful drinks are also featured on a multi-panel video screen alongside a beaming Pitbull (Don’t worry: The rapper) — the shop offers 10 old-fashioned milkshakes, plus eight that are “insane.” The latter group includes a strawberry shake topped with a bacon cheeseburger to a more subtle dulce de leche flavor, all of which are perfect for two to share. In the dulce de leche version, a hard chocolate shell glued with buttery caramel popcorn partially coats the glass, which is topped with a rainbow “unicorn” lollipop and, why not, a chocolate-covered waffle cone. $16. Pentagon City Mall, 1100 S Hayes St., Arlington. 703-258-3374.

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