Lisa Kellner creates sculptural environments made of hand-formed silk pods. She is one of three artists contributing site-specific installations to the exhibition “Adaptation” at Project 4 Gallery. (Project 4 Gallery/Lisa Kellner)

On Friday from 6 to 8:30 p.m., Project 4 Gallery will host an opening reception for “Adaptation,” an exhibition spotlighting the work of three artists known for site-specific installations.

Featuring a weblike environment made from donated clothing (Victoria Greising), a biomorphic sculpture of hand-formed silk pods (Lisa Kellner) and a hanging array of angular foam board cut-outs (Caitlin Masley), the exhibition is designed to call attention to our sense of space. That’s not just space inside the gallery, but also in the larger world and in the distance — and connections — between us.

— Michael O’Sullivan