More restaurants are lining up behind social and political causes — and it’s paying off

Washington chefs and restaurateurs have found a variety of ways to do charitable work around the world.


Ethiopian cuisine is unlike any other. Why are some chefs trying to modernize it?

The cuisine has historically been difficult to adapt for those who don’t want to eat with their hands.


The appetite for Mom’s cooking remains, long after the plates are cleaned

In honor of Mother’s Day, eight testimonials to the power of family, food and memory.


Thank the bees for this wonderful farmhouse ale: Oxbow Brewing’s Catalyst

BEER OF THE WEEK | The Maine brewery uses honey from its own apiary to create the barrel-aged ale.


Pizzeria Paradiso set the bar for Neopolitan-style pies — and it’s still going strong

For a tasty pizza and a well-selected beer, this is still the spot in Dupont Circle.


No longer the hot new Asian eatery, Momofuku still deserves love

(Dixie D. Vereen / For The Washington Post)

The lines are gone, but David Chang’s D.C. outpost still has hits on the menu.


Where to buy spices around Washington

There are lots of places with hundreds of choices, and blending capabilities.


At Sfoglina, diners are treated like members of a pronounced pasta club

The Fiola team delivers again — just don’t call it casual.


Try a rosé that’ll make you sit up and take notice, and more warm-weather wines

PICKS | This week’s selections also include a $10 summer staple from Languedoc.


Two crawfish boils to check out this Saturday

(Jonathan Bachman / Reuters)

FOOD CALENDAR | Get your fill at Bayou Bakery and Pinstripes Georgetown; plus, other events this week.