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A bitter Valentine’s Day

If you’re looking for ideas for a romantic Valentine’s Day with your sweetie, well, you should have made plans a few weeks ago. But if you’re looking for a place that won’t be packed with lovebirds and sappy romantic music, we’ve got two booze-centric ideas for the bitter among you. Bar Pilar, which reopened Feb. 3 after more than two months of renovations to its upstairs dining room, is hosting a Bitter Valentine’s Day. Every cocktail on the menu features house-made bitters as flavoring. Take the Tuff Love, which pairs Bulleit Rye Whiskey, peach bitters and fresh lemonade. Even the desserts are sharply flavored: The terrine is made with bittersweet chocolate and burnt orange. Meanwhile, ChurchKey’s “The Bitter Truth” party features a dozen rare beers made with pungent and spicy hops, such as Cigar City’s Jai Alai IPA, Maine Beer Company’s Peeper, and Evil Twin’s aggressively hoppy Freudian Slip barleywine. (Pro tip: Order the IPAs in four-ounce pours so you can sample more of ’em.)

Bar Pilar: Tuesday from 5 p.m.-close. 1833 14th St. NW. 202-265-1751. www.barpilar.com. ChurchKey: Tuesday from 6 p.m.-close. 1337 14th St. NW. 202-567-2576. www.churchkeydc.

Man Forever

It has been a while since we’ve been able to write about a show at the Warehouse Theater, but Friday’s is worth the long wait. Man Forever features Kid Millions of Brooklyn’s favorite psychedelic sons, Oneida. This project is all about drums. Lots of people banging on them in long-form ensemble compositions. It’s sort of like a drum circle, but much more punk rock than hippie-dippie. Opening the show is Heavy Breathing, a local trio that does songs best performed only in very dark rooms very late at night. This should fit that bill.

Friday at 10:30 p.m. Warehouse Theater, 1017 Seventh St. NW. 202-783-3933. $10.

The Dead Milkmen

“Punk rock girl / Give me a chance / Punk rock girl / Let’s go slam dance.” One of the most romantic lines in the history of music, right? Okay, maybe not, but that chorus from the Dead Milkmen’s biggest hit is still one for the ages. The song it comes from, “Punk Rock Girl,” was the Philadelphia band’s biggest hit, but the group’s legacy is that of cult favorites who injected humor into punk rock and set the stage for bands such as Blink-182 to make that a platinum formula. When the band, which reunited in 2008 after 13 years off, plays the U Street Music Hall, you can expect lots of laughs and maybe even some slam dancing.

Saturday at 7 p.m. U Street Music Hall, 1115 U St. NW. 202-588-1880. www.ustreet
. $18.

A tribute to Don Cornelius and Whitney Houston

It’s hard to think of a local dance party that encapsulates the “Soul Train” spirit as well as Daylight. DJs Divine and Bill Source mine the cream of ’70s and ’80s funk, disco and R&B, working in Con Funk Shun, Shalamar and Afrika Bambaataa. The smiling dancers look as if they couldn’t stop grooving if they wanted to, and the dance floor occasionally breaks out in good-natured jam circles where everyone shows off their best moves, a la a “Soul Train” line. That’s why Daylight seems like the perfect place to celebrate the life of “Soul Train” host Don Cornelius, who died this month, and, after last Saturday, Whitney Houston. Since most people don’t have to be up early on Monday, we’re expecting the night to be lively.

Sunday from 8 p.m. to 3 a.m. Liv, 2001 11th St. NW. 202-505-4548. www.livdc.com. $10.

— Fritz Hahn

and David Malitz