In D.C. Dream Day, we ask our favorite people in the area to tell us how they would spend a perfect day in the District.

Holly Garner sees D.C. a little differently than most Washingtonians. Each day, she gets to explore the city from the perspective of thousands of people — most of whom she’s never met.

Garner is the founder of the Instagram account IGDC, one of the largest online communities in D.C. With more than 74,000 followers, the feed features thousands of photogenic views of the District taken by local photographers using the hashtag #IGDC. Garner launched the account in 2011 after noticing the lack of an Instagram community dedicated to the city.

“Like me, I wanted people to really fall back in love with the city, and it’s such a hard town to meet people when you’re an adult,” says Garner, who works as a museum registrar at the National Gallery of Art.

Despite being one of the earliest adopters of Instagram, Garner says she was intimidated by the “social” aspect of social media at first.

It wasn’t until after she hosted a series of photo walks for photographers that the idea for IGDC really materialized. Garner asked the participants to document the walks using the hashtag #IGDC on Instagram, which soon swelled in popularity and prompted her to create a dedicated IGDC account. (The #IGDC hashtag has been used more than 1.7 million times).

During her Dream Day, the 43-year-old Brightwood resident would explore all the places that made her fall in love with D.C. — with her camera in tow.

On a Dream Day, when I don’t have to go to work and I don’t have to be anywhere, I would scroll the IGDC feed and my own Instagram feed with my coffee, trying to slowly wake up. My husband’s and my favorite thing to do is to go get doughnuts at this new place around the corner from us called Donut Run. We would harness up the dogs and walk there. Their flavors change every day. They post on Instagram Stories what their flavors are going to be for the day and they sell out really quickly. I’m not really a morning person, but doughnuts get me out the door.

[Recently,] Lost Sock Roasters opened across the street [from Donut Run] in the building the Takoma Theatre is in, so we would then get coffee there. They are a local roastery that started in Brightwood. They were mail order in the beginning, and this is their first storefront.

Since we’re already in Takoma, and we have the dogs, we would walk over to the Big Bad Woof, which is a pet store that focuses on organics and sustainability. It’s one of the dogs’ favorite places to go because they have lots of things for them to sniff and lots of things within nose reach, so we’d go there and let them pick something out.

Then we’d be on our way back home to drop off the dogs and then go to the Phillips Collection, which is one of my favorite museums in town. I did an internship there back in grad school, and I also took my husband there for our first date. We don’t get to go there all that much, so on a Dream Day where we have all this time and no place to be, I think the Phillips Collection would one of our go-tos just to see what they have on the walls or revisit some of our favorites, such as the Jacob Lawrence series that they always have on view. It’s just a fun, cool museum.

We might drive down to Penn Quarter and go have lunch at Oyamel Cocina Mexicana. I adore José Andrés, and all his restaurants have delicious dishes, but Oyamel has always been my favorite. I love the margaritas and I love the fish tacos and I especially love the [queso fundido con tequila].

Since we’re so close, we would drive up to Rewild in Shaw. The last two years I’ve really gotten into plants; I used to not have a green thumb. I don’t consider I have a green thumb now, but I’ve been doing better at keeping plants alive. At Rewild, I would grab a plant and maybe a planter and talk to them about what new items they have. They’re all really personable. They’re very helpful. I just really love the vibe of their store.

Another favorite thing that we do is we drive over to Union Market to the District Fishwife and pick up fish for the week. We’ll get swordfish belly or something and take that home to grill out or to smoke. Depending on the time, we might run to the Lincoln Memorial and catch the sunset.

Then finally, we would get dinner at Timber Pizza. I am very simple with my pizza and will usually get either a Cheese Please or Green Monster. Sometimes a half and half with some red wine. I’ve been a longtime supporter of them. They’re really good people and they make really quality pizzas — and pizzas are my favorite because it’s the perfect food.