In D.C. Dream Day, we ask our favorite people in the area to tell us how they would spend a perfect day in the District.

Nichole Hill says she doesn’t consider herself a perfectionist. After a pause, however, she adds a significant caveat: “But I do like being perfect.”

So when the Trinidad resident began work on her podcast, “The Secret Adventures of Black People,” she didn’t exactly rush to release it. Even after she interviewed friends and family about their everyday experiences, recorded voice-over tracks, and painstakingly edited those stories into eight- to 13-minute installments, she largely kept the episodes to herself rather than release them for public consumption.

“Over the years, I collected these stories from people that I just love and think are so cool and interesting and funny,” says Hill, 34. “I put them together for myself as a way to entertain myself.”

But amid the nation’s racial reckoning, following the deaths of George Floyd, Breonna Taylor, Ahmaud Arbery and others, Hill saw new value in her slice-of-life stories. Determining, at long last, that her the show was ready for a broader audience, she released the six-episode first season this summer.

“Everyone’s chanting, ‘Black lives matter,’ which, as a Black person, is such a strange experience for me because I always thought that,” Hill says. “Just to have people tell you that your life matters, it’s empowering but also a little bit sad — very sad. So I just thought, ‘Maybe this would make some of my friends and family feel better.’ ”

Among the episodes: an amusing conversation with Hill’s aunt about modern romance; the heart-rending story of Hill’s mother learning to walk again after a rare illness; and a conversation with members of Hill’s improv team about the police killings of unarmed Black people.

On her ideal day in the D.C. area, the “Secret Adventures of Black People” storyteller goes on an adventure of her own, featuring an assortment of athletics, arts and low-key dining.

I would wake up very early, go to Malcolm X Park [also known as Meridian Hill Park] and I’d box. My instructor’s name is Harold — he’s amazing and wonderful, and he would never get up to box with me at 5 a.m. But on my perfect day, he and my sparring partner, Ilana, would.

Then I’d go to the Highlands on 14th Street NW. It’s just feels like you’re in somebody’s living room, and the food isn’t fancy but it’s delicious. I used to be vegan for a while, and they had a phenomenal brunch option with waffles and a meat substitute for bacon that I just loved. It’s just a good vibe, cool people, and nobody’s dressed up.

Next, there would be another activity, because I love activities. Down by the Wharf, last summer I would do dragon boat racing, which is like a chiller version of crew. You can be any age, any size, any athleticism — it’s really just about whether you can stay on beat. It’s hilarious and fun and no pressure. I would absolutely spend a couple of hours doing that again.

Nearby, there’s Artechouse. I love weird art, and I don’t know what any of it means, but it’s very mesmerizing. They just always have very nice, very thoughtful displays. And you can see people taking photos for Instagram, which is very funny.

Then I would take a nap, because that’s a lot and I would be exhausted. After that, I’d go to DCity Smokehouse off Florida Avenue NW. I eat there too much — it’s my absolute favorite place. This is the opposite of being a vegan because I would do a brisket platter with a couple of friends.

Next, I’d go to DC UrbanGreens near Fort Dupont. I love urban farms so much — I love the work that they do, but also just the feeling of being in the city and being on a farm and having your hands in the dirt. They’re doing such cool work, and you meet really fascinating people with amazing stories. It’s just the best.

At this point, I’d go see a show at the Anacostia Playhouse. I love the Kennedy Center and all of the fancy places, but there’s just something great about being in a little black box theater. Then I’d go Uniontown Bar & Grill to get a burger, and they also have the best seasoned fries. I don’t know if the food is the best in the whole entire world, but I love it.

I’d end my night at Temple Hills Skating Palace, which is just the best time. There are these amazing skaters there who can do all of these tricks. I can skate forward and I don’t fall, and I feel good about that.