Oyamel, a Mexican small plates restaurant in Penn Quarter, has a great happy hour. (Doug Kapustin/For The Washington Post)

With the Major League Baseball All-Star Game in town, we asked some of the Nationals for their favorite places to go in the District. Here’s what they said. Interviews by Jorge Castillo. Responses have been edited for length.

Pitcher Sean Doolittle

My favorite restaurant is probably Oyamel in downtown D.C. We [Doolittle and wife Eireann Dolan] went there after we eloped, so it’s, like, our spot for special occasions and date nights, and it’s really good food. It’s a cool vibe. Make sure you go on OpenTable first, though; it’s a pretty busy spot. We go to Busboys and Poets a lot. And there’s a spot called Songbyrd . It’s a record shop and a little coffee store. Good music. I’m trying to think where else we go besides Chipotle . [Laughs.] There’s one right by our apartment. It’s bad, man. Or you go to Cava , which is like healthy Chipotle.

Pitcher Gio Gonzalez

My favorite sit-down restaurant is Filomena in Georgetown. Hands-down one of the best Italian places in Georgetown. The service there is incredible. It’s family-owned. Just the whole vibe is great. That place should be slam-packed for the All-Star break. I live in the Bethesda area, so if anyone wants to drive 45 minutes out of town, Summer House [Santa Monica, a restaurant] is unreal.

The District was a ramen wasteland until Toki Underground, on H Street NE, opened in 2011. (Joseph Victor Stefanchik/For The Washington Post)
Outfielder Bryce Harper

Filomena is probably my favorite. Mi Vida , down by the Wharf, is pretty good. It’s a new Mexican spot. It’s a cool little area, too. Ice Cream Jubilee , down by the stadium, is really, really good.

Silver Diner over in Arlington for breakfast. Even, like, late-night breakfast. Like 4 a.m. especially when they’re all drunk or whatever. Bethesda Bagel , right there by the stadium, is pretty good. What else? What else? Toki Underground . Noodles are very good down there. 2 Amys is pretty good, over by the cathedral — good pizza shop.

First baseman Ryan Zimmerman

Bourbon Steak in the Four Seasons Georgetown is really good. The wine list, the bourbon, is awesome. It’s more of a fun atmosphere — it’s not, like, a stuffy steakhouse kind of atmosphere. Sushi: There’s a place called SEI — it’s right by whatever the Verizon Center is called now. Capital One Arena. Whenever [wife] Heather and I want sushi, we go there. The sushi’s really good, but the rolls, they have a bunch of different rolls that are kind of out-of-the-box. The Salt Line. [Laughs. Zimmerman is an investor in and part-owner of the Navy Yard seafood restaurant.]

The W Hotel: There’s a patio bar thing [on the roof] called POV where you can literally see the [Washington] Monument off one end, the White House off the other end. So that’s a cool place to get a drink, especially at night. It’s fun.