In D.C. Dream Day, we ask our favorite people in the area to tell us how they would spend a perfect day in the District. Find more Dream Days here.

District Trivia is a quiz company that plays by its own set of relaxed rules. “We know that some people take trivia very seriously,” its website reads. “We are not those people.”

Well, sort of. It’s true that things tend to stay pretty loose at District Trivia’s 90 weekly events, which test the knowledge of contestants at bars and restaurants in the District, Maryland and Virginia. But behind the scenes, employees like Lindsey Bitler, the company’s director of operations, work to ensure that no one questions their trivia experience.


“We know we work in a market where everybody is a consultant for the government or a lawyer. Everybody’s got these very stressful jobs,” says Bitler, 29. “So we take it seriously that we want people to have fun and trivia to be an escape.”


Bitler has worked full time for District Trivia since 2014. As the host of the company’s podcast, “We Don’t Know Either,” Bitler banters with her District Trivia cohorts and unearths particularly fascinating facts. (“My Internet search history is absurd,” she says.) When she’s not recording podcasts, researching questions or hosting events, she’s also a prolific ball hockey player who has helped the U.S. team claim a silver medal at each of the niche sport’s past two world championships.

Trivia and ball hockey find their way onto the schedule for Bitler’s perfect day in the D.C. area, which she shares with her fiance, Joey Machak, and plenty of pals.

I’m waking up after a full night’s rest with no alarm, which is super important because I am not a morning person. Then it’s breakfast at home — the fiance and I are making pancakes of some variety. From there, I’m playing ball hockey. That’s probably a practice with my team, the Stanley Cupcakes , or a tournament at the Seminary Road rink in Alexandria. It’s a really, really great community of men and women who have come together over this obscure sport. It’s outside, it’s a beautiful day, and we’re all barbecuing and hanging out together.

Then I’m headed to Momiji , which is a sushi place in Northwest. [It has] a mango madness roll that is fantastic. And my favorite museum in the city is the Newseum . My majors in college were broadcast/telecommunications/mass media and history, and this museum just completely connects all of my favorite things. Every time I go there, I’m learning 40,000 new things that I often incorporate into the “We Don’t Know Either” podcast.

Then I’m heading to Theodore Roosevelt Island . It’s a little bit of an oasis and an escape. Most importantly, on my dream day it happens to be Take Your Puppy to Teddy Roosevelt Island Day, and everyone there lets me pet their puppies. I’m so happy just thinking about it.

Even though the podcast is a part of my job, it’s really something that I genuinely love to do. So I would have some famous guests on an episode. We’d get Lin-Manuel Miranda so we can talk “Hamilton.” I’d love to have Stan Lee back and pick his brain. And, of course, we’d have Tina Fey, because she would be an absolute riot.

At this point, we’re pretty hungry. The National Portrait Gallery’s Kogod Courtyard is just a very fun, happy place, so we’d have it catered. There has to be guacamole, fajitas, steak, shrimp, chicken and build-your-own taco bowls. All of my friends are there, and of course there’s a margarita bar. Maybe there’s a dance party — who knows?

Next, we’re headed to the Kennedy Center and we’re going to see some sort of show. I don’t necessarily care what the show is, but it’s going to be fantastic: “Hamilton” or “Wicked” or “Aladdin” or “The Play That Goes Wrong.” Nothing too sad, though. Then we’re going to hit the town and go to Penn Social . They have this arcade game called “Killer Queen.” It’s intense but in the most fun way possible.

I think the night has to end, as all good nights do, at a greasy, delicious diner. Bob & Edith’s Diner is everything a good diner should be: it’s 24 hours, they have tiny booths, they have scrapple, they have pie, they have the made-to-order omelets, the home fries, the pancakes. That’s where the fiance and I really connected and had a lot of late-night dates, and that’s where my Stanley Cup championship celebration ended at 6 in the morning after the Capitals won, so they hold a special place in my heart.