In D.C. Dream Day, we ask our favorite people in the area to tell us how they would spend a perfect day in the District.

For Michelle German , the business of beauty is more than the latest eye colors and face contouring techniques. It’s about self-care and helping people put their best face forward, something her mom and sister instilled in her early on.

“They taught me that before anything goes on your face, you should be doing the basics: cleansing and moisturizing,” says German, who launched her eponymous skin care brand in June, hoping to inspire and educate people who look like her. Her brand provides education, treatment options and access to medical-grade products that communities of color may not always be privy to.

She uses her Instagram account (@michellesgerman) to delve into such topics as dermal fillers and ways to prevent “maskne,” while also breaking down the misconception that some treatments aren’t for women of color. She also talks about how a dedicated wellness routine can contribute to healthy skin.

“Women of color do everything that they can to get things done. However, a lot of times they forget themselves,” she says. “So I have a conversation with my clients around what they are doing for themselves while instilling the value of self-care. It could be doing some skin care with me, or it could be meditating in the mornings.”

So it’s no surprise that German’s dream day is defined by self-care activities like working out, immersing herself in art and spending time with friends.

I like to start my day no later than 8 a.m. I would watch one of Michael B. Beckwith’s chats on the MindValley Talks YouTube channel. I like the idea of opening up the day with a meditative moment to set my intentions. Then I would go for a jog from my Edgewood neighborhood to LeDroit Park. After, I would stop at Turning Natural. I would get a Happy Hemp smoothie. I always try to have healthy food options around, because health is wealth. I love this spot because it is kind of between work and home, and also Black-owned. Anytime I can support Black-owned businesses, I am there.

Then I would probably go back to my house and get dressed for the amazing day, which includes meeting up with some friends.

I would stop at my neighborhood spot Royal and maybe have a few cocktails and some small plates there. I love the guava pastry and the sazerac.

Then I would probably want to hit Glenstone. I love to walk on that pathway to get to Glenstone. No matter the season it’s beautiful; it reminds you of just the abundance of nature. It can be really green, or it can be colorful. Even in the dead of winter it still is really beautiful. I love the “Split-Rocker” sculpture by Jeff Koons, made out of floral arrangements. They also have this sound bath exhibit called “FOREST (for a thousand years)” by Janet Cardiff and George Bures Miller, where you are literally in the woods sitting on a tree stump. You just have all of these sounds that are playing, and it takes you on a journey. It starts out feeling like you are in the city even though you are in the woods.

Afterward, I would come back to the city and stop by Hermès in City Center to visit my friend Quincy Jones, who works there. We’ve been friends for 10 years, and he always knows what’s happening in the city. We’d have a glass of champagne while recapping our previous night out. I’ll peruse the silk scarves and fantasize about framing one myself one day. They’re literally art. Then I’ll head to Lee’s Flower Shop. I regularly pick up my weekly flowers here. I’m always impressed with their eclectic collection. Before the pandemic, they even hosted a nonalcoholic happy hour every Friday, and flowers were half off.

Next, I would stop at Calabash Tea & Tonic to get all stocked up on my self-care items. They have everything: custom tea blends, crystals, spices and body-care products. After picking up a treat, I’d head home to partake in some self-care and get ready for the evening. My evening would start with a predinner cocktail at Cafe Saint-Ex.

I would end my dream day at Maydan for dinner. One of my favorite times visiting the restaurant involved sitting in the same place as the Obamas. I knew there was someone important at the restaurant when I pulled up, and there were several black cars parked outside. Once we get inside, we waited a short amount of time for a table and, when we sat down, our waiter let us know we’re literally sitting where Barack and Michelle Obama were sitting. So Maydan is definitely one of my favorites. I want the full dining experience, so I’d order the whole grilled fish, harissa carrots and a nice glass of wine.