‘Reality’: True story of NSA whistleblower is stranger than fiction

Sydney Sweeney plays Reality Winner, leaker of Russian election interference document, in this haunting film based on verbatim transcripts.

By Ann HornadayMay 29, 2023

What to watch with your kids: ‘The Little Mermaid’ and more

Common Sense Media's guide to this week's family movies and TV shows.

May 26, 2023

‘About My Father’: Sweet family comedy, seasoned with bland yuks

Comedian Sebastian Maniscalco mines his relationship with his Sicilian-immigrant father for his feature film-writing debut.

By Michael O'SullivanMay 25, 2023

The best movies of 2023 so far

"The Little Mermaid," "You Hurt My Feelings," “John Wick: Chapter 4,” “Air,” and “Creed III” all make our evolving critics’ list of 2023’s best films

By Ann Hornaday, Michael O'Sullivan, Thomas Floyd, Mark Jenkins and Kristen Page-KirbyMay 25, 2023

Bill Lee, bassist and composer who scored son Spike Lee’s films, dies at 94

Before collaborating with his oldest son, Spike, he performed with jazz, folk and blues stars including Duke Ellington, Harry Belafonte and Aretha Franklin.

By Harrison SmithMay 25, 2023

The internet is awash in Star Wars spoilers. The 1980s were no better.

“The Empire Strikes Back” ended on one of the biggest cliffhangers ever. Imagine waiting for the resolution.

By Herb ScribnerMay 25, 2023

The 21 biggest movies hitting theaters this summer

This year’s crop of popcorn flicks includes superhero stories, horror, action-adventure, family fun, R-rated comedy, a historical biopic and Wes Anderson.

By Michael O'SullivanMay 25, 2023

‘Kandahar’: Same plot as ‘Guy Ritchie’s The Covenant,’ but meh

Gerard Butler plays a CIA contractor trapped in Afghanistan with his interpreter and hunted by bad guys.

By Michael O'SullivanMay 24, 2023

Kenneth Anger, queer filmmaker and avant-garde pioneer, dies at 96

His experimental films drew on his interests in Tinseltown glamour and occultist Aleister Crowley. He was also known for his gossip book “Hollywood Babylon.”

By Harrison SmithMay 24, 2023

‘The Little Mermaid’: An Ariel for a new generation

Halle Bailey makes this live-action version of the Disney classic her own, with confidence, charisma and oceans of charm.

By Ann HornadayMay 24, 2023

‘You Hurt My Feelings’: Relationship comedy perfection

The movie zeroes in on the funny and mortifying moments of being human.

By Ann HornadayMay 23, 2023

Free outdoor movies in the DMV this summer

Craft the perfect outdoor movie experience with our guide to pre-movie happy hours, where to pick up picnic supplies and the best spots for a nightcap.

By Fritz HahnMay 23, 2023

‘Joyland’: So much more than a trans love story

The theme of repression in a regimented society percolates throughout this melancholy and lovely Pakistani film.

By Mark JenkinsMay 22, 2023

How Vin Diesel the bouncer fought, danced and found his name

The "Fast X" star is decades removed from a life as a New York City bouncer at Tunnel, where he regularly fought patrons and his friends' perceptions of his acting.

By Timothy BellaMay 20, 2023

Jim Brown, Hall of Fame running back and actor, dies at 87

He dominated the NFL in the 1950s and ‘60s, then left football for acting and activism.

By Kent Babb and Matt SchudelMay 19, 2023

Helmut Berger, Austrian actor and muse to Visconti, dies at 78

He was perhaps best known for starring in a pair of historical dramas, “The Damned” and “Ludwig,” directed by his partner Luchino Visconti.

By Harrison SmithMay 19, 2023

What to watch with your kids: ‘Fast X’ and more

Common Sense Media's guide to this week's family movies and TV shows.

May 19, 2023

‘Fast X’: Bigger, faster, more outlandish, but not the end of the road

Vin Diesel, returning as motorhead Dom Toretto, is at his Dommiest in this beginning of the end of the Fast & Furious saga.

By Ann HornadayMay 17, 2023

‘Other People’s Children’: Big truths in a small-canvas story

This lovely French film captures the pain, joy and longing of motherhood, whether you claim the title or not.

By Ann HornadayMay 17, 2023

Lots to like (and learn) in the Yogi Berra documentary ‘It Ain’t Over’

Colorful documentary portrait of Yogi Berra makes the case for his athletic prowess as much as his personality.

By Thomas FloydMay 16, 2023