Fans of sculptor Ursula von Rydingsvard’s powerful exhibition last year at the National Museum of Women in the Arts will not want to miss “Ursula von Rydingsvard: Into Her Own,” a thoughtful and visually arresting overview of the life, career and creative process of the 77-year-old artist, who is best known for monumental natural forms, in rough-hewed cedar. The film by Daniel Traub uses the standard documentary interviews with the artist, along with family members, art world peers, curators and collectors to shed light on what Washington Post critic Sebastian Smee called Von Rydingsvard’s “violent and yielding, fiercely willed and oddly relaxed” work. But the film is at its eloquent, if wordless best when it simply shows us the making, from start to finish, of some of her haunting forms. Unrated. Available at Contains nothing objectionable. 57 minutes.

— Michael O'Sullivan

Also streaming

Written and directed by Boaz Yakin, “Aviva” is a love story about Eden and Aviva: a man and a woman who are each played by two actors, one male, one female. It is also told through dance. According to the New York Times, the filmmaker “has given himself a free hand to experiment. But that hand remains heavy, as when a flashback to gender confusion in Eden’s childhood is underlined as an obvious ‘Rosebud’ moment.” Unrated. Available June 19 at and 116 minutes.

The documentary “Bully. Coward. Victim. The Story of Roy Cohn” takes the measure of the late lawyer and Machiavellian political fixer. The AV Club writes that the film is so caught up in regaling us with the full breadth of Cohn’s bad behavior that “it never finds a full picture of a man amidst his actions.” TV-MA. Available June 19 on HBO. 98 minutes.

Kevin Bacon and Amanda Seyfried star in “You Should Have Left,” a psychological thriller about a couple vacationing in a remote Welsh home where their grip on reality starts to deteriorate. R. Available June 19 on various streaming platforms. Contains some violence, disturbing images, sexuality and strong language. 93 minutes.

The documentary “Father Soldier Son” follows one military family over the course of 10 years. TV-MA. Available June 19 on Netflix. 100 minutes.

Two young detectives attempt to solve a burglary in a peaceful residential neighborhood in “Hidden Orchard Mysteries: The Case of the Air B&B Robbery.” Unrated. Available on various streaming platforms. 85 minutes.

A special forces soldier (pro wrestler turned action star Stu Bennett) is given the opportunity to bring the man who betrayed his team (Vinnie Jones) to justice in the revenge thriller “I Am Vengeance: Retaliation.” R. Available June 19 on various streaming platforms. Contains violence and strong language throughout. 90 minutes.

Looks That Kill” is a dark comedy about a teenage boy cursed with such good looks that anyone who lays eyes on him dies. Unrated. Available June 19 on iTunes. 92 minutes.

Written and directed by Olivier Assayas (“Personal Shopper”) and starring Édgar Ramírez, Penélope Cruz, Ana de Armas and Gael García Bernal, “Wasp Network” tells the true story of Cuban spies who infiltrated anti-Castro networks in Florida in the 1990s. According to Variety, “While it aims for big choral complexity and is generally an enjoyable watch, the film feels like an oratorio cut down to an overture, engaging with major characters and events that are dropped in or out with an unsatisfying degree of regularity.” TV-MA. Available June 19 on Netflix In Spanish, English and Russian with subtitles. 128 minutes.

My Darling Vivian” is a documentary about Vivian Liberto, the first wife of singer Johnny Cash and the mother of his four ­daughters. Unrated. Available June 19 at 90 minutes.

The documentary “Picture of His Life” tells the story of the life and career of underwater and nature photographer Amos Nachoum and his obsession with the polar bear. Unrated. Available June 19 at and In English, Hebrew and Inuktitut with subtitles. 71 minutes.

The concert film “Roger Waters: Us + Them” documents the 2017-2018 tour of the founding member, lyricist and composer behind Pink Floyd, a musician who, in the course of the film, criticizes both President Trump and Israel from the stage. “Although Waters is sometimes aggravating and occasionally trouble-making,” Variety says, “he is, to repurpose a lyric from ‘Breathe,’ not afraid to care.” Unrated. Available on various streaming platforms. 135 minutes.

Freddy McConnell, a gay transgender man who decides to get pregnant, is the subject of “Seahorse: The Dad Who Gave Birth,” a documentary that follows McConnell’s journey to parenthood. “Articulate, reflective and unhesitant about getting personal,” according to the New York Times, “McConnell makes for a complicated character study.” Unrated. Available on various streaming platforms. 91 minutes.

The documentary “Runner” tells the story of Guor Marial, the South Sudanese “lost boy” who survived slavery and a brutal war (in which eight of his nine siblings died) to become an Olympic athlete. Unrated. Available at and 98 minutes.

While traveling across the United States with her father in a refurbished RV, a teenager (Sabrina Carpenter) suddenly finds herself on her own in “The Short History of the Long Road.” Writer-director Ani Simon-Kennedy, according to Variety, “remains careful not to sugarcoat or romanticize the grim conditions a homeless Nola braves as she determinedly searches for her mother in Albuquerque.” Unrated. Available on various streaming platforms. 94 minutes.

A teenage girl is accused of murdering her best friend in “The Girl With a Bracelet.” Variety calls the French film, remade from a 2018 film from Argentina, a “crisply shot, precisely acted remake” that improves on the original. Unrated. Available June 19 at In French with subtitles. 95 minutes.

Kelly Macdonald and Garrett Hedlund play lovers in the Australian drama “Dirt Music.” According to IndieWire, when the torrid, twisty drama “is trying to do less — less twists, less coincidences, less trickery — it’s far better and miles more emotionally rewarding.” Unrated. Available June 19 at 104 minutes.

A London music executive signs a group of fishermen from a remote Cornish village to record an album of sea shanties — which becomes a hit — in “Fisherman’s Friends.” The Guardian calls the fact-based comedy “gentle and sweet-natured.” PG-13. Available June 19 at Contains some strong language and suggestive references. 112 minutes.

The Surrogate” is an indie drama about the unraveling of an arrangement between a young African American woman and her gay best friends, for whom she has agreed to get pregnant. Variety calls it a “garrulous but always psychologically plausible tale.” Unrated. Available June 19 at 93 minutes.

A girl transforms herself into a cat to get close to the boy she love in the Japanese animation “A Whisker Away.” TV-PG. Available June 19 on Netflix. Contains some mature thematic material. In Japanese with subtitles. 104 minutes..

A self-centered dancer reluctantly agrees to coach a group of young misfits for a competition in “Feel the Beat.” TV-G. Available June 19 on Netflix. Contains some rude language. 109 minutes..

A former beauty queen preps her daughter for a small-town Texas beauty pageant in “Miss Juneteenth.” Unrated. Available June 19 on various streaming platforms, including Contains some strong language, sensuality and disturbing images. 103 minutes.

Near the end of her life, a dog reflects on her past owners in the animated fable “Marona’s Fantastic Tale.” Unrated. Available at Contains drug use and some upsetting images. In French and Romanian with subtitles. 92 minutes.