Sarah Hyland stars with Steve Howey in “See You in Valhalla,” about a dysfunctional set of siblings who gather to mourn a brother. (ARC Entertainment)

The dysfunctional family comedy centered on a funeral is a cinematic warhorse, dragged into the service of cheap laughs in such films as “This is Where I Leave You” and “Death at a Funeral” (the latter of which exists in both a British and an American version). So it’s no surprise to see the trope reappear in “See You in Valhalla,” a comedy about three sparring siblings reunited by the death of a Viking-obsessed brother.

The film, produced by its star Sarah Hyland, of “Modern Family,” has the dysfunctional part down pat, as Hyland’s Johana bickers with her two brothers (Bret Harrison and Michael Weston) and miscellaneous other relatives and hangers-on who have gathered at the home of her father (Conor O’Farrell).

Unfortunately, director Jarret Tarnol and writer Brent Tarnol (brothers whose previous collaboration was the straight-to-VOD zombie rom-com “April Apocalypse”) struggle mightily with the comedy part. “See You in Valhalla,” which is being released simultaneously in select theaters and on demand, is as deadly as its funereal subject matter.

R. At the AMC Hoffman Center 22. Contains obscenity, drug use and coarse humor. 82 minutes.