Floor Is Lava (TV-PG)


Age 8+

Family-friendly game show has leaps, spills, and laughs.

Floor Is Lava” is a family-friendly game show based on the classic kids’ imagination game. It features teams maneuvering their way across an obstacle course set in what appears to be lava for a cash prize. Contestants fall and bang into things as they compete, but no one gets hurt. Occasional mild jokes about things like Tinder dating and injuring one’s genitalia are made, but most of it will fly over the heads of younger viewers. This show is breezy, goofy fun perfect for taking a break from the real world. (10 roughly half-hour episodes)

Available on Netflix streaming.

Hamilton (PG-13)


Age 11+

Filmed Broadway smash has mature content, positive messages.

Hamilton” is the much-anticipated filmed version of the original Broadway production about America’s founders. Lin-Manuel Miranda wrote and stars as Alexander Hamilton in the hip-hop-inspired musical. Both young fans of the show and new audiences are likely to be interested in the Tony- and Pulitzer-winning play: It’s a true cultural phenomenon, with easily recognizable songs and references. The story does have mature themes, including adultery (there’s a steamy number between Hamilton and a mistress) and dangerous rivalry throughout. Language includes a use of “f---,” plus “s---,” damn,” “God,” “b------,” “whore,” “hell,” “a--,” “prick” and “Jesus Christ.” Darker scenes deal with war and deadly pistol duels. A suicide by hanging is alluded to. But there are plenty of inspiring and empowering messages here, as well as a strong theme of perseverance. And casting these all-white historical figures with a diverse group of actors offers new role models for young people studying U.S. history and thinking about what it means to be American. (160 minutes)

Available on Disney Plus streaming.

BNA: Brand New Animal (TV-14)


Age 13+

Humans and beasts clash in sometimes-violent anime.

BNA: Brand New Animal” is an anime series about humanoid animals who try to peacefully coexist with humans. Expect violence (punching, dragging, weapons such as arrows and batons, explosions) and some drinking (celebratory champagne, etc.). Curses (like
“f---””) are present in subtitles but aren’t spoken in English by the characters.
(12 23-minute episodes)

Available on Netflix streaming.

Love, Victor (TV-14)


Age 14+

Earnest LGBTQ film spinoff series is endearing and lovely.

Love, Victor” is a series that’s set in the same world as the movie “Love, Simon.” Like Simon in the original movie, Victor is a high school student who’s pretty sure he’s not strictly heterosexual, and struggles with accepting his own sexuality and coming out to family and friends. Mature content is on the light side, with a few exceptions, such as an episode in which teens play a drinking game and one gets drunk. Expect story lines about LGBTQ issues and same- and opposite-sex kissing, dating and romance, as well as references to (off-screen) sex, including an episode in which teens attend a party organized around hooking up with each other. Characters vary in their sexuality identity, gender identity and presentation, race, ethnicity and socioeconomic status. Victor’s family is Latino and frequently speaks Spanish at home; they also have conservative viewpoints, and struggle with the financial security. Language is infrequent, but “hell,” “a--,” and “s---” all make appearances, and characters use the word “gay” as an insult: “That’s so gay.” Themes revolve around accepting oneself and others, and characters demonstrate significant courage and integrity in finding ways to live authentically yet still maintain bonds with family and friends. (10 roughly half-hour episodes)

Available on Hulu streaming.

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