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What to watch with your kids: ‘Here Today,’ ‘Duff’s Happy Fun Bake Time’ and more

Tiffany Haddish and Billy Crystal star in “Here Today.” (Cara Howe/Stage 6 Films)
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Age 13+

Billy Crystal comedy has sex jokes, strong language.

Here Today” is a compassionate dramedy that was directed and co-written by Billy Crystal, who also stars as Charlie, a widower who’s trying to keep his growing memory loss a secret. The movie’s message about appreciating loved ones while they’re with us is solid, but the lasting impression is of walking in the shoes of a terrified dementia patient who suddenly can’t remember how to get to work or recognize family and friends. Events surround a granddaughter’s bat mitzvah, and Jewish culture is a key element of the film. Charlie is a veteran comedy writer who mentors a young up-and-comer, offering real-world comedy-writing tips. But some of his character’s jokes feel problematic in today’s world, including ones about the late Stephen Hawking and a tirade humiliating a co-worker that includes an audience chanting an insult at a performer. Co-star Tiffany Haddish’s character also makes quite a few sex jokes, and part of her rear end is seen when she gets a shot. Sex is implied in a flashback scene. Strong language includes “s---” and “f---”; there’s one scene that includes smoking; and characters touch on the consequences of drug use. (117 minutes)

At area theaters.


Age 5+

Pastry chef and fun puppet crew teach baking skills to kids.

Duff’s Happy Fun Bake Time” is a children’s cooking series featuring Food Network star Duff Goldman and a crew of puppets. There’s no iffy content, but the cooking tutorial focus will probably be most interesting to children who are in grade school or older. The show is lots of fun and has great educational elements, including segments like “Science Bites,” which explain food science or showcase ingredients’ cultural origins. It’s great family viewing, and parent foodies won’t mind watching along with their pint-size bakers. (Six half-hour episodes)

Available on Discovery Plus.


Age 8+

Family-friendly reality show about animal influencers.

Pet Stars” is a reality series about an animal talent agency looking for clients that will make money on Instagram. It’s family friendly, but sometimes images of unusual-looking or otherwise unique animals are accompanied by scary sound effects that are intended to be funny. Sometimes brands like Range Rover are visible, and companies like Canvaspop are prominently featured. Animals that are already popular on social media are occasionally shown. (Five roughly half-hour episodes)

Available on Netflix.


Age 13+

Language, mature humor in hilarious music business spoof.

Girls5eva” is a comedy about an all-female, one-hit-wonder musical group that gets back together after many years. The show’s tone is light and surreal overall, and it has positive messages about the value of a chosen family, loyalty to friends and art as a medium for positive self-expression. The diverse cast includes older women, gay characters and actors of color in strong, central roles. Jokes can veer toward the rude side, referencing drinking and sexuality. Language and cursing includes “f---,” “a--,” “g--d---” and “d---.” While “Girls5eva” mocks its characters and the music industry, the humor is surreal and silly, not bitter, and it could be a great watch-together choice for families with teens. (Eight roughly half-hour episodes)

Available on Peacock.

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