We need a national memorial to gun violence. Now.

A national memorial to gun violence, built on open land at the base of the U.S. Capitol, would create a symbolic focal point for grief and truth-telling about a national scourge.

By Philip KennicottMay 25, 2022

I don’t know Corneille de Lyon. I just know his portraits are alive.

This mysterious artist’s unsigned paintings, often no bigger than postcards, are oddly hypnotic.

By Sebastian SmeeMay 25, 2022

In the galleries: How DNA provided a platform for intriguing art

Artist’s photos in two series show power in the concept of family.

By Mark JenkinsMay 20, 2022

In Chicago, a bravura portrait of sisterly harmony and frizzy hair

Mostly overlooked, Cecilia Beaux was one of the most accomplished and acclaimed painters of her time.

By Sebastian SmeeMay 18, 2022

Eye-catching textiles from India, at the Textile Museum

More than 150 pieces of clothing and decorative textiles are on display in the Textile Museum's expansive exhibition “Indian Textiles: 1,000 Years of Art and Design”

By Mark JenkinsMay 18, 2022

After colonialism, they wanted a new world. Architects built it.

New exhibition at the Museum of Modern Art in New York takes a deep look at modernist architecture in India, Pakistan, Bangladesh and Sri Lanka.

By Philip KennicottMay 17, 2022

A Beatles exhibit aims to make ‘Get Back’ a museum experience

The Rock and Roll Hall of Fame has organized a show based on Peter Jackson’s acclaimed docuseries.

By Geoff EdgersMay 14, 2022

One of history’s most seductive and troubling representations of race

At the Met in New York, an in-depth look at Carpeaux’s “Why Born Enslaved!”, a marble bust depicting an enslaved woman.

By Philip KennicottMay 14, 2022

In the galleries: Voyages through time, space and the seas

Three exhibits focus on oceanic views grounded in past events and environmental messages.

By Mark JenkinsMay 13, 2022

Donatello gets the Michelangelo treatment in Florence

A rare retrospective at two venues in Italy reveals how the “Donatello earthquake" changed art forever.

By Sebastian SmeeMay 13, 2022

A portrait competition that stretches the definition of a likeness

The National Portrait Gallery’s triennial portrait competition, ‘The Outwin 2022,’ suggests that identity is forever emerging.

By Mark JenkinsMay 12, 2022

On the streets of Kabul, a young man forges ahead

This Seamus Murphy photograph shows just one moment captured during a long relationship with a family in Afghanistan.

By Sebastian SmeeMay 11, 2022

In long-awaited Philip Guston show, great art comes with a warning

The ‘Philip Guston Now’ exhibition, controversially postponed in 2020, has finally launched its four-city tour.

By Sebastian SmeeMay 6, 2022

Behind this picture’s intimacy, a complex portrait of the artist

Njideka Akunyili Crosby makes artworks that transcend the narrow-mindedness of identity politics.

By Sebastian SmeeMay 4, 2022

Smithsonian updates collection policy to promote ethical returns

Each Smithsonian museum will establish procedures that fit their individual collections.

By Peggy McGloneMay 3, 2022

Venice takes a surreal turn, not for the better

Kiefer, Baselitz, Dumas and NFTs populate exhibitions around Venice timed to coincide with the official Biennale.

By Sebastian SmeeApril 29, 2022

The Library of Congress owns 15 million photos. 400 are on view now.

At the Library of Congress, the exhibition 'Not an Ostrich: And Other Images From America's Library' spotlights its photo holdings.

By Mark JenkinsApril 28, 2022

Hermann Nitsch, Austrian artist of the avant-garde, dies at 83

His blood-splattered canvases and ritualistic performances involving animal slaughter and crucifixion sparked scandal and sensation in the art world for more than half a century.

By Emily LangerApril 22, 2022