Brain Rapp will perform at Songbyrd this week. (Shaughn Cooper)

Back in the summertime, Brain Rapp was feeling a little twitchy about turning 30 — especially because he raps. “I think aging in hip-hop is scarier,” the Maryland native says, his hair and beard flowing down past his shoulders like a young Father Time. “It happens twice as fast.”

So in an attempt to slow his worries, he did what so many poets and environmental science majors before him have done: He started looking at the world from the perspective of a plant.

He knew that our little green friends need stability, and light, and air, and water. And he knew that he needed those very same things, both literally and metaphorically. So he started transposing the metaphorical parts into rhyme. “Maybe the things that plants are concerned about should be the things that we’re concerned about,” he says. “Our environment trends toward chaos, and all you can really do is try to manage it.”

He’s currently channeling this new perspective into a six-song salve against millennial anxiety titled “Bloom” — and when the recording finally lands in March, you should be able to hear the years that Brain has clocked on the local open-mic circuit, honing his flows.

As for conversational flows, he has those down, too. During a brief chat about his life and music, he drifts from coffee to college to footwear to Fabolous — and in the middle of it all, describing his creative process, he spits out a beautiful definition of horticulture, musicmaking and life itself: “It’s a mixture of intention and the unknown.”

Show: Jan. 11 at 8 p.m. at Songbyrd, 2477 18th St. NW. $10-$15.