Bomba Estéreo (“stereo bomb” in Spanish) might be the most perfectly named band in Colombia. The Bogota-based duo makes kinetic dance songs that jitter with so much electricity and energy that they sound as if they could blow up your speakers.

Bomba Estéreo (Sony Music)

Vocalist Li Saumet and instrumentalist Simón Mejía have been testing their detonative electro-pop since coming together in 2005. Their last album, 2015’s “Amanecer,” was their most explosive creation yet, earning a Grammy nomination for the best Latin rock, urban or alternative album. Then the music video for its track “Soy Yo” nearly broke the Internet. The viral clip, viewed 23 million times, featured tween actress Sarai Gonzalez, the most fearlessly confident little girl in music-video history since Blind Melon’s bumblebee dancer.

“Soy Yo” became a celebration of self and a symbol of proud Latinidad — the media company Remezcla called the video “an ode to brown girls,” and the New York Times wrote about how it empowered Latinas. Bomba Estéreo, meanwhile, dove headfirst into its next creative burst: The members started putting together “Ayo,” their fifth album, which drops this month. The band’s D.C. show will include some of the shiny new tracks off “Ayo” — and, as always, will provide a study in how Bomba Estéreo continually inspires and ignites the dance floor.

Julyssa Lopez

Show: Thursday at the 9:30 Club. Doors open at 7 p.m. 202-265-0930. Sold out.