The District hardcore band Corvo, from left: Bill Cole, Kevin Rivera, Aidan Tydings-Lynch and Charlie Flack. (Pat Gaffney)

Everything moves fast in the District’s hardcore punk scene, where the most perishable bands seem to detonate and disappear almost as quickly as the songs. But that shouldn’t bother Corvo, a searing new quartet that keeps getting everything right on the first try.

First, there’s the group’s vocalist, Kevin Rivera. Corvo is his very first band, so to conquer his nerves at the group’s first ­rehearsal last summer, he spent most of his time twisting around on the floor, screaming into a damaged microphone. The band recounts the story on a recent Sunday night inside its practice space, a room so cozily claustrophobic, it makes Rivera’s ­twist-and-shout hard to envision. But his bandmates — bassist Bill Cole, guitarist Charlie Flack and drummer Aidan Tydings-Lynch — say they were too busy paying attention to how it sounded anyway. “The first time Kevin opened his mouth,” Flack says, “everyone was like, ‘Whoa.’ ”

Corvo’s first show came weeks later, and while the band had set out to write serrated songs in the mode of Discharge and Anti Cimex, everything onstage felt freshly intense — thanks, in part, to Rivera, who literally threw himself into the music. “I was super scared,” he says, shrugging the shoulders of his black leather jacket.

Fittingly, the band has been invited to play the kickoff slot at next Saturday’s main show at Damaged City, the annual ­marathon punk festival, now in its seventh year. “[Our] style of punk is very in-the-basement-throwing-beer-cans-at-each-other’s-heads,” says Tydings-Lynch. “So it’ll be sick to play on that big stage. . . . But it’ll also be weird.” And nobody in the room wants it to be too weird, so they turn on their amps, clear some space on the floor and get to work.