Closet Christ vocalist Brendan Reichhardt. (Photo from Closet Christ) )

If you need to be reminded how perishable hardcore punk bands are in 2017, say hello to Closet Christ. Now say goodbye.

The group emerged this year with a dyspeptic demo tape, "You're in My World Now," and then another, "I Am Afraid of Life," and across 10 thrilling minutes of music, it sounded like the most volatile thing in the District. Turns out, it was. Two of the band's members, Brendan Reichhardt and Rodrigo Tapia, have decided to move to Texas, and now Closet Christ is scheduled to flame out at a farewell show at the Pinch on Friday night.

It feels like a waste, but maybe it isn’t. Unlike the flag-planting hardcore bands of yesteryear, today’s groups seem more interested in vanishing before everyone knows where all of that noise came from. Here’s how Reichhardt explained it over the phone recently: “With bands that have been together for less than a year, the mystery around them can be really interesting to sift through.”

The underlying idea is that this music gains urgency when everyone knows it’ll probably disappear before anyone gets to know it. It’s intense, and it’s temporary and it’s unknowable. Like life.

More proof that life stinks: Reichhardt and Tapia's other excellent band, Kombat, will headline Friday's show, making for a sad double adieu. More proof that life is complicated: Witchtrial, a metal-tinted band that also counts Reichhardt as a member, will open the show, but will stay together after he skips town.

Chris Richards

Show: With Kombat, Fried Egg and Witchtrial on Dec. 15 at 8 p.m. at the Pinch, 3548 14th St. NW. $8.