For most musicians, the pandemic brought their life’s work to a crashing halt, with concerts canceled or converted into live-streamed facsimiles, inspiration sapped, and opportunities to play and record music limited.

For D.C. multihyphenate Rick Irby — who performs and produces as Jau Ocean, drums for D.C. acts Den-Mate and Wanted Man, and serves as production manager at H Street NE venue Pie Shop — the stay-at-home orders presented an opportunity to reset.

“It gave me a lot of time to think about what I’m doing and reassess what I really want to be putting out into the world,” he says. “I recorded a lot, but mostly, I was just trying to have fun and get back in touch with just making music for the sake of making music.”

Under his Jau Ocean moniker, Irby released a collection of that music earlier this month as “Lifted.” His latest full-length project began life as a country record of love songs that he’d written for girlfriends over the last decade or so, which turned out “pretty sad,” he recalled with a laugh. But after moving into a new house and setting up a recording studio, Irby realized those country song lyrics could be repurposed with a new set of instrumentals.

“It’s an attempt to acknowledge and take a look at my love life, and take what I used to think were difficult emotional situations and find a way to make them happy, and accept everything,” he says.

“Lifted” is far from “pretty sad”: It’s lush, sun-kissed and psychedelic, with dollops of walloping funk. Even its most downcast song — his take on the Delta Blues of Louie Lasky’s “How You Want Your Rollin’ Done” — grooves with slide guitar and stomping drums.

Irby played all the instruments on the album, which will present a welcome challenge when it’s finally time to perform in front of an audience.

“I love it when somebody gives me a show offer, thinking that I have a band, and then I have to talk to like 30 friends and figure out who’s available and juggle it,” he says. “It always makes it exciting because every show features a different cast of local musicians … which is frightening and exciting.”

Jau Ocean performs on Sept. 24 at Pie Shop, 1339 H St. NE. Show starts at 8 p.m. $15. Proof of vaccination or a negative coronavirus test taken within 72 hours of the performance is required for admittance.

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