The latest album from psychedelic rockers Dungen is all instrumental. (Frank Aschberg)

Show: Friday at DC9. Show starts at 7 p.m. 202-483-5000. $15.

Swedish psych/rock band Dungen’s breakout 2004 album, “Ta Det Lugnt,” featured catchy songs, spacey jams and fuzzy guitars, all anchored behind bandleader Gustav Ejstes’s dynamic croon. Its subsequent releases didn’t stray far from that formula.

The inspiration for Dungen’s latest album, “Haxan (The Witch),” is a marked divergence for the group. The all-instrumental album, which the group will be playing on this tour, was written as an original score for the 1926 film “The Adventures of Prince Achmed,” the oldest (surviving) animated feature film. True to the concept, this collection sounds like a soundtrack: There are many brief mood-changing interludes that tie longer pieces together, and many of these shorter numbers don’t stand out apart from the mood of the whole.

Some of the longer songs, however, do stand beautifully on their own: the gradually swelling organ line on “Kalifen” is entran­cing, and the fuzzed-out psychedelia around Ejstes’s driving piano melody on “Trollkarlen och fageldrakten” are as dynamic as any of the group’s earlier works. “Haxan” may not be the best introduction to Dungen’s vibrant psychedelic compositions, but these instrumental songs are a nice complement to the rest of the group’s solid discography.