Pinky KillaCorn lay low in 2016, but she has a mixtape and album loaded in the queue. (@therealBFree)

Pinky KillaCorn is tough to miss. The District native often wears her hair in various shades of bubble gum, and she always delivers her boasts in Technicolor. “Hello world, hello world, I’m your freaky-wild girl, smoking-in-the-crowd girl, too-trippy-to-frown girl,” she raps on “Cherry Bomb,” a song that makes sly nods to the music of Cam’ron, Joan Jett’s Runaways, Jamaican dancehall and D.C. go-go.

But that was many moons ago. As one of the loudest rappers in the DMV, Pinky kept an uncharacteristically low profile last year, allowing her SoundCloud page to go quiet for months on end. “I’ve been in an evolving, growing stage,” she says. “I’ve been focused on myself spiritually, physically, mentally, all kinds of ways. . . . But I can’t not make music.”

Which means she’s about to unfurl an avalanche of unheard tracks she’s been toiling over. Having recently dropped a psychedelic video for “Anime,” she’s scheduled to crash one of the biggest stages of her career later this month — the National Cannabis Festival at RFK Stadium. After that, a new mixtape, “KillaCorn 7.0,” lands May 20, and a full-length album, “The Girl With the Pink Hair,” arrives July 20.

How does the new stuff sound? “More free,” she says. Considering her imagination already felt plenty vast, get ready a new kind of trip.

Show: With Talib Kweli, the Pharcyde and others on Saturday at the National Cannabis Festival on the Festival Grounds at RFK Stadium. Show starts at noon; Pinky KillaCorn performs at 1:15 p.m. $35.


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