As we drift through the declension of the holiday season, perhaps you’re still searching for a song to evict “Winter Wonderland” from the forefront of your consciousness. Allow me to recommend “Excruciatingly Gradual Draining of Fluids” by Sulfuric Cautery, a grindcore outfit from Ohio with two dyspeptic vocalists and a drummer who pummels so expeditiously, the band often sounds like it’s playing three songs at once.

You might have to see this music to believe it — and thanks to Atlas Brew Works, you can. The Northeast brewery quietly became the District’s epicenter for loud music this year, hosting semiregular metal shows in their colossal tank room. The year’s heaviest bookings included the pithy California powerviolence group Despise You, Chicago riff-oozers Bongripper and the great District death metal troupe Genocide Pact.

Each of the bands opening for Sulfuric Cautery at Atlas this weekend — Girth, Triac, Tomb Warden, Ancient Torture Techniques — will deliver their high-speed music at brutally high volumes, so don’t forget to pack extra earplugs. And while you’re at it, bring an extra jacket. In conjunction with Thrive D.C. (a local nonprofit organization working to prevent homelessness) and Ripping Headaches (the promoter behind a majority of the shows at the brewery), Friday’s concert doubles as a winter coat drive.

SHOW: Sulfuric Cautery performs on Dec. 28 at 7 p.m. at Atlas Brew Works, 2052 West Virginia Ave. NE. $10.