Washington Post food critic Tom Sietsema entertains your dining questions, rants and raves.

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2.5 stars | Outpost of Nantucket spot is drawing crowds for its lobster rolls, ice cream and more

Eating one of these breakfast treats from B. Doughnut’s new Union Market stall is like sinking your teeth into an airy, pillowy bagel.

Meyer, who is opening several new restaurants this year, is the first non-chef to win the award.

A congressional panel just voted against a ban on federal funds for horse slaughter inspectors. Bring on the animal rights activists.

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FIRST BITE | Yoshihisa Ota eschews the grill and lets his fish take the spotlight.

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$20 DINER | The Franconia shop looks like a chain but cooks like a street vendor.

This cannabis coffee will help you get … er … rolling in the morning.

Washington Post food critic Tom Sietsema entertains your dining questions, rants and raves.

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ASK TOM | Sometimes a restaurant has to be told how to make things right.

The dessert, served at Bantam King in Chinatown, is like the creamiest cream of chicken soup, but in semisolid form.

Tovala thinks that its steam oven and convenience meals are the key to kitchen-shy consumers.

Love it or hate it, the all-white outdoor conspicuous consumption dinner party is back on Aug. 26.

We tried every single taco at the 'Top Chef' alum's latest concept, which serves casual Mexican food in Capitol Hill.

Local Roots can grow fruits and veggies anywhere and all year round.

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South American flavors and a back bar entice at the latest 14th Street eatery.

A Memphis cafe has gone viral after the owners have posted angry messages after a customer complained that their naked baby was running around the restaurant.

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$20 DINER | Now that it’s split from Oklahoma Joe’s, District BBQ is getting back to its Kansas City roots.

What sounds more tasty: Cholesterol-free sweet potatoes or “zesty ginger-turmeric sweet potatoes?"

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2 stars | An engaging ambiance is matched by chef Carlos Camacho’s menu.

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