An increasing number of fancy-casual restaurants, falling somewhere between sit-down eateries and the Chipotles of the world, are opening across the country.

When a gay couple asked to split a sundae, they said their waiter told them it would be inappropriate for two men to eat from the same bowl.

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FIRST BITE | Named for the year Magellan reached the Philippines, the new Arlington spot is already hopping.

A customer posted his receipt from the Oceanaire in D.C., which charged 3 percent for “costs associated with higher minimum wage rates."

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The $20 Diner | The restaurant aims to evoke a famous New York diner.

Yes, just being included is an honor when it comes to the Michelin Guide.

With more than 1,000 people on the wait list for the Spotted Cheetah, you probably won't get a chance to try mac'n'Cheetos -- unless you make them yourself.

Washington Post food critic Tom Sietsema entertains your dining questions, rants and raves.

It tends to be more affordable than the bottled variety, and at a smaller serving size, it also offers drinkers greater flexibility.

Berkeley's Top Dog says Cole White resigned voluntarily.

Can it be called Greek yogurt if it's not made in Greece?

These newcomers shine with seafood, Spanish fare, tasting menus and dim sum.

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FIRST BITE | Owner trio brings experience and fun to Chinese Korean cuisine.

Everything is pink. EVERYTHING.

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$20 DINER | Chettinadu Indian Cuisine in Rockville specializes in the flavors of Chettinad.

Washington Post food critic Tom Sietsema entertains your dining questions, rants and raves.

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2.5 stars | Flamant, from Frederik De Pue, packs a lot of appeal into a small space

Scrambled eggs and bagels? No, thanks. We looked for creative specials that would leave you well fed for under $40.

Chef Esther Lee, who purchased the Dupont Circle restaurant last year, has lost thousands of dollars in fresh meats and produce.

After a night of scrubbing, our food critic understands why top chefs are trying to give the position its due.

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