The Indian street food awakens the senses that are at risk of going dormant during a long pandemic.

The best way to understand the city is through its many carryouts and their signature wings and neon sauce.

Chef Yuan Chen survived a horrible kitchen accident to continue cooking at a high level, even during the pandemic.

This year, lobster rolls might not come with much of a view.

The Laurel restaurant offers two menus, one for each cuisine, but specializes in delicious fusion pies.

In an unorthodox summer, it’s time to rethink our beliefs that harden into dogma, even with our frankfurters.

Veteran restaurateur Pat Sebamonpimol gives full voice to his heritage at Kiin Imm.

The serious-minded carryout, from the family behind Ghana Cafe, features West African fare and delicious sandwiches.

Rooster & Owl, Thip Khao and the Salt Line are among the popular spots that are once again serving food.

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The Ethiopian owners spent more than a year perfecting a recipe that contains a small reminder of their homeland.

Ben’s Chili Bowl, Cantler’s and the Vienna Inn are among the long-standing spots that have pivoted to takeout.

Countless pizzerias have pivoted to takeaway and delivery, which puts the finest pies right at our fingertips.

The window has become the lifeblood for the founders of this beloved burger and custard shop in Front Royal.

Several joints are still selling top-notch ’cue to go, while a crazy newcomer is making a name for himself.

D.C. area coffee shops have morphed into carryouts with apps to preorder your lattes and espressos.

Hardy’s BBQ, Dirty South Deli, Corn Factory and Cracked Eggery are still on the streets, offering great food.

The convenience chain has moved into the quick-serve restaurant game, and the growing pains are obvious.

FIRST BITE | Michael Rafidi revisits his roots at the new Navy Yard restaurant.

To best experience the Herndon shop, avoid the superhot spice blends or all you’ll taste is your own fear.

FIRST BITE | The partners behind several ramen hot spots are putting an inherited pizza oven to great use.

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