Telling the truth with laughs about everything from jail to comedy.

The prickly musical portrait is set in a 1963 bombed Alabama church.

The music numbers need work in Fey’s musical version of her cult hit film

Signature Theatre revives a hit Gershwin “revisical” from the ’90s.

Comedian Felonius Munk comes clean at Woolly Mammoth.

“Annie” is running at Olney and “Twelfth Night” is at Shakespeare Theatre, among others.

  • Jane Horwitz
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  • 4 days ago
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Dan Hoyle’s solo show, now in D.C., has channeled U.S. frictions since 2010.

We Happy Few bring Lope de Vega’s 17th-century comedy to the stage.

  • Celia Wren
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  • 6 days ago
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The strange case of the thwarted Tony nominator.

Get to know a younger breed of actors who are helping to define a vibrant theater town.

An evocative show based on an Israeli movie opens as an irresistible entertainment

The holiday slate fattens up.

The fit’s amiss, even with a cast featuring Broadway vet Donna McKechnie.

In ‘Nothing to Lose (but Our Chains),’ standup comic Felonious Munk gives voice to some of his victims.

  • Geoffrey Himes
  • ·
  • Nov 9
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At last, the Trump era, courtesy of Jon Robin Baitz, yields a truly fine play.

Fantasy gets real as the 1982 play distills a millennium of discontent.

The British monologuist comes to D.C. for the first time, with a new show.

Days before opening, the cult favorite’s first U.S. project outside New York remained a mystery.

Playwright Ayad Akhtar explores Wall Street in the greedy '80s.

‘Mean Girls’ primps during previews; ‘Annie’ & ‘Crazy for You’ begin holiday stands.

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