Actors’ Equity stresses urgency of the choice in departing from a nonpartisan posture.

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Stories of the late Supreme Court justice’s devotion to theater and opera go on and on.

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A spate of recent hires suggests that an industry roiled by Black Lives Matter may at last be responding.

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Arena Stage and Studio Theatre debut films and videos that speak to the rawness of the moment: “Now reality is ahead of anything we can create.”

Playwright Psalmayene 24 hosts monthly online chats that celebrate culture “through a Black lens.”

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The Shakespeare Theatre’s annual “Will on the Hill” fundraiser, this year online, underscores a glaring funding crisis.

Why reopening the nation’s premier theater district is far more arduous than anybody predicted.

D.C.’s Seaton Smith headlines two shows at the newly reopened comedy club.

With performance and training moving online, student dancers, musicians and actors are questioning whether to continue pursuing already highly competitive careers.

Zoom technique classes, rehearsing with masks and then, at last, “Back to work!” for a performance at Kaatsbaan in New York

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“Stories of a Lifetime” jumps from off-Broadway to Audible, revealing glimpses of the CBS newsman on and off the job.

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How a comedy of errors on Irish Twitter led to an honorary doctorate in hairdressing.

Michael Pastreich’s exit and the season cancellation arrive on the heels of covid-19 cases after the ballet’s June gala.

Deborah Rutter says action is needed to close $23 million budget gap from pandemic-related shutdown.

Theater vets Warren Adams and T. Oliver Reid have teamed up with a philanthropist to find jobs for young black colleagues.

The revised schedule includes Broadway, dance, opera and orchestra events built around hope for a new phase of the pandemic.

In the absence of live performance, the competition show offers insights into the art — especially its human side.

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New York Theatre Workshop, the birthplace of “Rent,” puts its faith in artistic “instigators.”

“Celia and Fidel” is set to be the first play on a roster that includes two new musicals.

Pandemic losses force more ‘tragic’ cuts, but the company vows to come back strong.

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