In D.C. Dream Day, we ask our favorite people in the area to tell us how they would spend a perfect day in the District.

D.C. radio personality Tommy McFly has always tuned his career to a guiding principle of the airwaves: “If you have a microphone and you’re not using it to benefit the community, you don’t deserve to have it.”

So when McFly and Kelly Collis, his former co-host on 94.7 Fresh FM’s “The Tommy Show,” launched their own Internet-based platform last year, they imagined it as a haven for distinctive local voices. Branded as Real. Fun. DC., the streaming station still features McFly and Collis’s marquee program, now called “The Tommy + Kelly Show.” But the platform expanded earlier this month to include shows featuring D.C. food pundit Nycci Nellis, NBC Sports Washington analyst Courtney Laughlin, “Yes Another Podcast” host Carlos Rice and local entertainer DJ Neekola.

“When we started [Real. Fun. DC.], we always said the channel has got to be bigger than just Tommy and Kelly giving their points of view,” Collis says. “We can stream 24/7, and just Tommy and Kelly 24/7 is a little bit much.”

“These are all people who we’ve known behind the scenes and have been a part of our lives for years,” McFly adds. “That’s what is the most special about this first lineup.”

On their perfect day in the area, D.C. residents McFly and Collis turn to a “divide and conquer” strategy to hit just that many more local favorites.

Collis: My family lives in the shadows of Washington National Cathedral, and we love spending time up there in the Bishop’s Garden and the grounds there. But it’s even better because Open City is there and there’s coffee and doughnuts and everything you would possibly want. I’d get the tall latte and a doughnut or the avocado toast.

McFly: I’d meet her there and get a red eye, no cream, no sugar. From there, we’d absolutely have to go to the National Zoo and get a selfie with the baby panda. Then I’m bringing the panda along with me, if I’m allowed to — I envision one of those little Baby Bjorns for a dog — to go into Rock Creek Park. There apparently are stacks and stacks of stones from the Capitol Building renovation that are just hanging out there. I feel like the Capitol Stones — in the fall, with the leaves changing, with the panda — would be amazing.

Collis: This is where Tommy and I part ways for a bit because I have zero interest in that. I love to shop, and I love supporting independent boutiques, so I’d go to the Proper Topper in Cathedral Commons. Then I’m heading down to Georgetown, where I have a round I do. Made in DC is there, and the Christ Child Opportunity Shop is a couple of doors down, so I’d check in there. I also love Ella-Rue — I mostly go there to just dream about all of the things I could have.

Tommy and I would meet back up at one of our favorite places, and that is Peacock Cafe. There’s a wonderful outdoor patio space. Shahab [Farivar], the owner, always meets you with a smile. Your glass is never empty, your food is delicious and [there are] Capitals players who go there on the regular, so they would be there as well — specifically, Tom Wilson. Tommy does white wine and I do red wine, and we’re starting with the nachos.

McFly: Then you get the Sophia Loren sandwich, and I usually get the turkey burger or the baked chicken. After lunch, we’re going to get on some scooters and go down to the waterfront, past the monuments, up and through to Nationals Park for a day game. Of course, we have Delta club seats to see the Nats play the O’s, and we’re sitting by José Andrés. I assume if we still have the panda and we’re sitting by José Andrés, there’s no way we’re not getting on the jumbotron. Then we split off again and I take my pups, Cotoc and Mr. Troy, over to Swampoodle Park, which is such a fun mix of humans and dogs.

Collis: Since he brought up the dogs, I guess I should make sure my two children are being taken care of. They’re teenagers, though, so they’re pretty independent. Next, my husband, Patrick, and I are heading to the Kennedy Center to watch the sunset and just hang out over the Potomac, have a little snack and maybe there’s a thermos of beverages that joins us.

McFly: Meanwhile, my husband, Chrys, and I would go grab dinner at Republic Cantina, which is this awesome spot off New York Avenue. [Bartender] Tracy [Wisse] does things with mezcal and tequilas and fermented pineapples that are just remarkable. And I believe that they have the best fajitas in the city.

Then we’re going to a big dance party on the pier at the Wharf with DJ Neekola, and it’s humans together having a hell of a time. After that, the DC Improv would run a really cool late-night comedy show at the Anthem or Union Stage with Paris Sashay — holy hell, is she hilarious.