‘Wild at Heart’

Way back in 1990, the only controversy that dogged Nicolas Cage was “Wild at Heart,” David Lynch’s sicko fairy tale that starred a young Cage and ingenue Laura Dern as hyperbolically star-crossed lovers named — wait for it — Sailor and Lula. “Wild at Heart” scooped up the grand prize at Cannes and cemented Lynch’s reputation as an auteur, but the taste police yelped over the film’s abundance of violence, nudity and general ickiness, and the film narrowly avoided the dreaded X rating. Today, the film — a modern-day take on “The Wizard of Oz” that’s somehow campy and dead serious in the same breath — is an art-house favorite. And at Artisphere, it will be an excellent reminder of Cage’s snakelike allure in his heyday. ­­

Wednesday at 8 p.m. Artisphere, Dome Theatre, 1101 Wilson Blvd., Arlington. 703-875-1100. $6.

— Lavanya Ramanathan