Augmenting your world with The Washington Post

Augmented reality helps us tell some of The Post’s most immersive and compelling stories. We can inject elements of a story into the world around you by utilizing the camera on your smartphone, which allows The Post to bring you to great travel destinations, transform your space into architectural marvels -- or even help you carve pumpkins.

To get started, you will need The Washington Post Classic app. The iOS app can be found in Apple’s App Store and the Android app lives in the Google Play Store.

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After you open The Post’s app, find the horizontal navigation bar that starts with Top Stories. Scroll to the right and pick Augmented Reality. Then you can choose any story The Post has published.

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When you open the story, look for the “start” symbol to launch the Augmented Reality experience.

Once you place the virtual objects, you can move around them, viewing them from all sides, as though they were in the space with you.

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In our latest travel story about UNESCO World Heritage sites in the U.S., you can stand next to a life-size American Bison or marvel at objects from Thomas Jefferson's Monticello.