The Royal Wedding:
What to expect

Prince Harry and Meghan Markle have proven to be a delightful pair of rule-breakers, but there are some traditions you simply don’t mess with. After all, what would a royal wedding be without ridiculous hats and an opulent carriage? Here’s what to expect from May 19’s storybook celebration.

1. Couple’s attire

Though the bride's gown will attract the most attention, a fair amount of thought goes into the groom's attire, too. Meghan has kept dress details secret, but rumor has it Harry will opt for a "low-key" morning suit instead of the traditional military uniform.

2. Tiny royals

The wedding generally includes children, meaning Prince George and Princess Charlotte will make stylish appearances. Prince Louis is too itty-bitty, sadly.

3. Sweet scents

When you’re rich and famous, people go out of their way to do things for you. Floris London, a royal family favorite, will create a custom scent for the couple that is said to be warm and citrusy.

4. Elaborate headgear

British custom calls for women to attend royal weddings with feathers, fake butterflies and more atop their heads. We’re looking at you and your giant sculpted bow, Princess Beatrice.

5. Bride-first procession

The bride walks down the aisle first in British weddings, which makes sense because we care most about her. Her bridesmaids follow close behind, and, no, Priyanka Chopra will not be one of them.

6. Sprig of myrtle

The plant, not the Hogwarts ghost! Every royal bride since Queen Victoria has held a bouquet containing a sprig of myrtle, a symbol of love and marriage.

7. Live music

In lieu of the “Suits” theme song blaring through speakers, Kensington Palace says the couple has opted for live music and a choir led by the St. George’s Chapel music director.

8. Horse-drawn carriage

The ride to the wedding isn’t always the same — Diana opted for the historic Glass Coach while Kate arrived in a Rolls-Royce — but the ride out usually is. The happy couple will take a carriage around the town of Windsor, during which they can perfect their royal waves.

9. No bouquet toss

It has also become royal tradition for the bride to place her bouquet on the grave of the Unknown Warrior at Westminster Abbey. So if you are one of the 2,640 commoners who scored an invitation to the Windsor Castle grounds, no need to stress about catching it.

10. Shellfish ban

The royals apparently avoid shellfish and rare meat to prevent food poisoning. This might seem somewhat excessive in regular life, but getting sick on your wedding night? Yeesh. Good call.

11. Rebellious cake

Harry and Meghan are a modern pair, meaning they know that nobody in 20-freaking-18 wants to eat fruit cake, served by royals for centuries. The main cake will instead be lemon elderflower, that mysterious flavor in your favorite cocktail.

12. Meghan’s toast

Though it won’t be televised, Meghan is set to break with tradition and give a speech at her wedding reception. You go, lady!