“America’s Return to Space” — according to readers

The U.S. human spaceflight program is making significant changes. Since 2011, astronauts have ridden on Russian rockets launched nearly 7,000 miles away. Starting next year, NASA plans to launch astronauts from Florida’s Kennedy Space Center.

So we asked readers to show us what “America’s Return to Space” looks like. Here is a selection of their creations.

First place
Moubon Ray Kurukumbi, 10, Fairfax, Virginia

Second place
Cara Arnold, 11, Burke, Virginia

Third place
Keira Allen, 13, McLean, Virginia

Fourth place
Nadia Langer, 10, Fairfax, Virginia

Honorable Mention
Brooke McDonald, 11, Burke, Virginia

Honorable Mention
Siena Cihlar, 11, Gaithersburg, Maryland

Honorable Mention
F. Kai Jones, 11, Washington, D.C.

Dayne Gregory Honaker, 10, Charlottesville, Virginia

Reilly Higgins, 10, Haslett, Michigan

Ryan Wells, 11, Annandale, Virginia

Kayla M. Jackson, 13, Washington, D.C.

Cindy Izaguirre, 13, Washington, D.C.

Amanda Hutchings, 10, Suffolk, Virginia

Sophie Morrow, 10, Brentwood, New Hampshire