A new era in American spaceflight

NASA will soon reclaim astronaut launches and embark on a new mission: heading back to the moon on the way to Mars. Today’s kids will be the generation that travels to Mars, so here are eight stories that a look at some of the challenges, tools and inspiration.

Back to the moon on the way to Mars

In the 1960s, the United States accomplished its goal to put a man on the moon. We’re headed back there as part of a new mission.

If you had a chance to fly in space, would you?

Only about 560 people have been to space. But future space travelers won’t all be astronauts. Some will be tourists.

Where to stay on Mars?

NASA is figuring out how humans will live on the Red Planet. The agency asked for help in its 3D-Printed Habitat Challenge. The winning designs all involved living quarters that robots would build before astronauts arrived.

For space travelers, fitness is a top priority

With long stays in space, bones and muscles become weaker. Find out how astronauts stay in shape without the help of gravity.

Ever wondered what’s on the astronauts’ menu?

Freeze-dried mac and cheese is one of about 200 options. But NASA scientists are continually working on making space food taste like what astronauts would eat at home.

New toys appeal to future astronauts

Program a robot, build a mini space shuttle or imagine you are NASA scientist Katherine Johnson with new toys for the holidays.

New books on space explore the moon and beyond

Experience the Apollo mission and find images of space wonders humans have yet to explore in several colorful new kids books.