Provocative things that Corey Stewart has said and done

Corey Stewart’s capture of Virginia’s Republican nomination for U.S. Senate has prompted an identity crisis within the state GOP, with some so turned off, they are willing to vote for his Democratic opponent, Sen. Tim Kaine.

Stewart, chairman of the Prince William County Board of Supervisors, has celebrated guns and Confederate statues, lambasted illegal immigrants and associated with white nationalist Jason Kessler. He likes to say he was “Trump before Trump was Trump.” Here are some of the provocative things Stewart has said or done recently.

July 2016

After launching his Virginia gubernatorial campaign, Stewart blames Hillary Clinton and then-Lt. Gov. Ralph Northam for “essentially encouraging the murder” of five Dallas police officers killed during a protest over police shootings.

October 2016

Stewart defends Trump after the release of the “Access Hollywood” tape. “When people voted for Donald Trump, they knew he wasn’t an angel,” Stewart said, adding that women won’t mind that “he acted like a frat boy, as a lot of guys do.”

October 2016

Less than a week later, the Trump team fires Stewart as chair of the campaign in Virginia after Stewart protests at the GOP headquarters in Washington about “establishment pukes” undercutting Trump.

November 2016

Stewart vows to go after undocumented immigrants in Prince William County. “We're going to find out where each and every one of these guys is, and we're going to hunt them down and we're going to deport them,” he said.

January 2017

Stewart holds a raffle to give away an AR-15 semiautomatic rifle. “Sure it’s a stunt; what’s wrong with that?” he said during a news conference to announce the winner.

January 2017

On the night Trump is inaugurated, Stewart appears with Paul Nehlen, a white nationalist running for Congress, at a ball held by Virginia Women for Trump and calls him “my personal hero.”

February 2017

Stewart appears at a Charlottesville, Va., news conference with Jason Kessler, who later organizes the deadly Unite the Right rally, to protest a decision to tear down a statue of Robert E. Lee.

March 2017

Stewart calls Bill Clinton “a rapist” and dubs Gov. Terry McAuliffe and Republican gubernatorial hopeful Ed Gillespie “cuckservatives,” a slur aimed at mainstream conservatives.

April 2017

Stewart compares removal of Confederate statues to atrocities committed by the Islamic State.

July 2017

A month after losing the gubernatorial primary, Stewart announces his bid for U.S. Senate, promising a “vicious, ruthless” campaign against Democrat Sen. Tim Kaine.

August 2017

In the wake of the white supremacist rallies and the murder of a young woman in Charlottesville, Stewart blamed “half the violence” on the left and condemned fellow Republicans who apologized for the outcome as “weak.”

December 2017

Stewart defends Senate candidate Roy Moore of Alabama against allegations of sexual misconduct toward teenage girls. “These allegations are 40 years old, and they’re unsubstantiated,” Stewart said. “There’s no way to prove it.”

February 2018

Stewart waves a roll of toilet paper at a news conference in Richmond, calling Republican state legislators who support Medicaid expansion “flaccid” and “garbage.”

April 2018

Stewart defends campaign staffers who use a Taco Bell reference to mock the Portuguese roots of state Del. Nick Freitas, his opponent in the Senate primary election. After Freitas complains, he calls him “Cryin’ Nick.”

June 2018

In an interview with the Hill, Stewart said he doesn’t believe the Civil War was fought over slavery. “We have to put ourselves in the shoes of the people who were fighting at the time,” he said. “…They saw this as a federal intrusion into the states.”