One of the fiercest hurricanes to ever strike the United States, Michael and its sustained winds up to 155 mph utterly transformed the coast of Florida’s Panhandle, where it crashed ashore.

Before and after imagery reveal many areas unrecognizable: Houses, buildings, marinas, and piers have been obliterated if not washed away entirely. The amount and extent of storm debris is unfathomable.

Countless trees are scattered on the ground like toothpicks, and those that remain standing have had much of their foliage stripped away.

Entire beaches are gone, swallowed by the Gulf of Mexico. Part of St. Joseph’s Peninsula is no longer that, but an island, due to a tremendous surge of ocean water that left it on its own.

Below is a look at Mexico Beach, Fla., with aerial imagery from before and after Hurricane Michael.


Aerial imagery from NOAA

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