To see how well you know news stories and trends, let’s play a game. We’re going to show you a chart without any labels. Then we’ll ask you to choose among a few options for what the chart represents.

Drag your guess into the empty spot that holds the title and see if your guess was right.

Drag me to the right

That’s it!

You’ve got it. Now see if you can guess them all! You’ll get a score at the end based on how many guesses it took you to get it right.

Here’s an easy one to start.

Percent of people who agree vs. disagree the economy is “healthy”

Voters for Oprah vs. Trump in a possible 2020 presidential run

Favorable vs. unfavorable opinion of peas in guacamole

President Trump’s approval vs. disapproval rating

Right! +X points
Total score: X / X

Try again!

Gallup isn’t asking voters how they’d vote if Oprah ran for president … yet. There’s also no way that even 30 percent of people support peas in guacamole.

If you read about politics, or if you check the news at all, you’ve probably seen this chart. President Trump has low approval ratings for a first-term president, especially considering the health of the economy.

Now let’s move on to something a little trickier.

Sexual harassment claims against Hollywood executives

White walkers killed on “Game of Thrones”

Non-white members of the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences

Original scripted series released on streaming networks

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Try again!

It’s true the number of white walkers on-screen has increased exponentially during last few seasons of “Game of Thrones,” but you’ll have to go elsewhere for death counts.

While other studios search for the next “Game of Thrones,” we’re enjoying an age of peak TV, as the total number of original scripted TV shows has more than doubled since 2010. A large part of that increase has come as distributors of streaming content — think Netflix, Amazon and Hulu — have gotten into the production game themselves. Original scripted series on streaming outlets rose from 4 in 2010 to 117 this year, according to FX Networks.

Touchdowns thrown by NFL quarterbacks per season

Total runs scored per MLB season

MLB total home runs per season

Highest passing yards per NFL season

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Major League batters shattered the previous record of 5,693, breaking the record with Alex Gordon’s home run on September 19. Despite an emphasis on pitch counts and swapping out pitchers to face the batter, more than 6,000 balls went out of the park last season. Some attribute that to batters paying attention to the “launch angle,” or the angle the ball comes off the bat.

Percent of U.S. population without health insurance

Death rate from childbirth, women aged 15-54

Rate of drug-resistant tuberculosis among homeless men

Reported national violent crime rate

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While Attorney General Jeff Sessions claims “we have a crime problem,” 2017 actually saw a 1.1 percent decrease in the violent crime rate, and a decrease in crime overall, according to an analysis from the Brennan Center. Likewise, the percent of the population without health insurance has decreased under the Affordable Care Act.

The maternal mortality rate of women aged 15-54, however, has risen significantly since the beginning of the century — a fact that makes the United States unique in the developed world, according to an NPR and ProPublica investigation. This is complicated by a decline in access to maternity services in rural areas, and is more sharply felt in minority communities, who can be disproportionately hit by that lack of access. In Texas, which has the highest overall maternal mortality in the nation, black women are dying at a rate nearly three times higher than that of white women, while the exact cause is unknown.

Major League Baseball home runs vs. strikeouts per year

New business openings vs. closings, quarterly

McDonald's Quarter Pounders vs. Filet o’ Fish sales, quarterly

Homes listed for sale vs. homes purchased, quarterly

Right! +X points
Total score: X / X

Try again!

This is a tough one, and not just because we expected you to be familiar with the national birth and death rates of startup businesses. The key to this one are the large spikes that coincide with the Great Recession. Aside from the unemployment rate, another indicator of the health of the economy is the number of new businesses being created each year. With new businesses come new jobs and until recently, that indicator was at pre-recession levels.

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