Congress failed to pass a spending bill Friday, Dec. 21, causing the government to partially shut down at midnight. About 75 percent of the federal budget controlled by Congress is already funded. Departments that are funded and will stay open include: Defense, Veteran Affairs, Treasury, Health and Human Services, Labor, Education, and Energy. Some other Departments may temporarily stay open using reserve funds.

Most federal workers at unfunded departments will stay home, but the burden does not fall evenly. Here are the percentages of workers who are furloughed at unfunded Cabinet-level departments and the EPA, according to contingency plans released since last December. The State Department will be affected by the partial shutdown, but no equivalent figure on how many of its employees will be furloughed was readily available.

This graphic has updated with new agency plans released near the beginning of the shutdown.

  • Excepted and exempt workers
  • Furloughed workers

Reuben Fischer-Baum, Darla Cameron and Lisa Rein contributed to this report.

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Furlough numbers and employment totals come from agency contingency plans. Some plans have not been updated since 2017, so the actual number of furloughed and excepted employees may vary. The Departments of the Interior and Treasury do not have an overarching plan but rather has individual plans for their major sub-agencies. We took the sum of these plans, so some employees from more minor offices may not be accounted for.

Originally published Jan. 18, 2018.


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