Wealthy donors who have given at least $1 million contributed nearly 40 percent of the $455 million that flowed this election cycle as of May 31 into super PACs, which can accept unlimited contributions from individuals and corporations.

While these groups cannot coordinate their advertising with candidates or political parties, they often work closely with official campaigns, and they are poised to be influential forces in this year’s congressional midterm elections.

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On top is Tom Steyer, the billionaire and former hedge fund manager based in San Francisco who was a top donor to Democratic candidates in 2016. Other than supporting environmental causes this year, he is applying his political might toward mobilizing young voters and trying to impeach President Trump.

The Top Donors

As in past election cycles, a small number of wealthy donors are driving a large share of the millions of dollars already filling super PAC coffers.

People and companies giving
$1 million or more

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The Washington Post analyzed all donations of $10,000 and above to all federal super PACs through May 2018. Donor totals have been adjusted to include refunds. Donations made by labor unions and party committees were excluded from the list of top donors.

Originally published April 10, 2018.


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