On Parenting

Hitting the reset button on your family life

For parents, back-to-school season often feels like more of a fresh start than Jan. 1. We vow to be more organized and present, or to finally get that family dinner routine in place, or to just reconnect with our kids. Here are 9 stories to help you find your own reset.

Feeling like a smartphone is taking over your child’s life? Experts talk about how to regain control.

Advice on setting time and content limits, and helping your child have a healthy relationship with technology.

Millennials are the most tech-saturated generation yet. It isn’t always a good thing.

The huge assortment of digital parenting resources creates the perception of a support system. But some experts say these tools can cause parents to worry even more.

Parental guilt is a cultural epidemic. It’s time to let go of who we ‘should’ be.

Acknowledging that we are all works in progress is the most liberating thing we can do.

Help your child recover from a bad day, without being Parent Fix-it

Did you ever have one of those days where everything is going just fine, until your upset child comes home and all your fine-ness slips down the drain?

The exhausting reality of parenting, and why we hide it from our children

We think we need to hide our fatigue and show only love and fulfillment. But does that do them a disservice?

Taking back the family dinner: How we created a mealtime renaissance

Tell stories, create rituals, crack jokes, but do not re-litigate the day.

Help kids get organized at any age

We talk to a developmental-behavorial pediatrician about how to refocus now that summer is over.

How to talk to your middle schooler (so they might actually listen)

Tweens consistently need, but reject, support and affection. Here’s how to disrupt that dynamic.

How to support adult children without hovering

It can be helpful for parents to think of their relationship with an adult child as a mentorship.