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The impeachment trial of President Trump began Jan. 16 with the swearing in of senators and the presentation of the two charges of abuse of power and obstruction of Congress. The impeachment charges center on the allegation that Trump withheld military aid and a White House meeting to pressure Ukraine to investigate his political rivals, including former vice president Joe Biden.

The House’s impeachment inquiry of President Trump began with two documents: a formal intelligence agency whistleblower complaint and the transcript of a July 25 call between Trump and Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky. The whistleblower said Trump encouraged the Ukrainian leader to meddle in the 2020 election, an allegation corroborated by a rough transcript of the phone call released Sept. 24 by the White House.

The White House maintains Trump did nothing wrong and has said Democrats are unfairly targeting the president. Written testimony from many witnesses in House hearings and depositions underscore the accusations of the president’s misconduct.

Below are key documents at the center of this evolving story.

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Whistleblower complaint

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An anonymous intelligence official filed a complaint alleging that “multiple U.S. Government officials” had told him that Trump “is using the power of his office to solicit interference from a foreign country in the 2020 U.S. election.” The whistleblower said that on a call between Trump and Zelensky — a call that by his own admission the whistleblower did not hear — Trump asked the Ukrainian president to “initiate or continue an investigation” into former vice president and political rival Joe Biden and his son Hunter and urged him to speak with his personal lawyer, Rudolph W. Giuliani, and Attorney General William P. Barr.

Trump-Zelensky phone call transcript

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The White House released an edited transcript of the call between Trump and Zelensky, saying it would prove there was no “quid pro quo.” According to the summary, Zelensky asked Trump for more military aid and Trump said, “I would like you to do us a favor though” and asked for investigations into a conspiracy theory related to a Democratic National Committee server and the unfounded allegation that Biden acted corruptly when he urged Ukraine to fire its top prosecutor.

Examine documents related to the congressional impeachment investigation of President Trump. This page surfaces recently released documents first and will update as additional documents are released.

Released Jan. 20President Trump's legal team brief
Released Jan. 20House Democrats’ response to White House’s legal brief
Released Jan. 18Legal memorandum by impeachment managers
Released Jan. 18Trump’s answer to articles of impeachment
Released Jan. 15House releases additional documents turned over by Lev Parnas
Released Jan. 14Materials provided by Giuliani associate Lev Parnas to the House
Released Dec. 17Letter from President Trump to House Speaker Pelosi
Released Dec. 16House Judiciary Committee report on impeachment
Released Dec. 9Resolution impeaching President Trump for high crimes and misdemeanors
Released Dec. 9Stephen R. Castor’s opening statement
Released Dec. 9Daniel S. Goldman’s opening statement
Released Dec. 6Dec. 6 letter from White House counsel Pat Cipollone to House Judiciary Committee
Released Dec. 3House Intelligence Committee’s Trump-Ukraine impeachment inquiry report
Released Dec. 2House Republicans’ report of evidence
Released Nov. 26Philip Reeker’s testimony transcript
Released Nov. 26Mark Sandy’s testimony transcript
Released Nov. 26Preston Wells Griffith’s deposition
Released Nov. 26Michael Duffey’s deposition
Released Nov. 26Michael Ellis’s deposition
Released Nov. 26John Eisenberg’s deposition
Released Nov. 26Robert Blair’s deposition
Released Nov. 26Brian McCormack’s deposition
Released Nov. 26T. Ulrich Brechbuhl’s and Russell Vought’s deposition
Released Nov. 26Mick Mulvaney’s deposition
Released Nov. 26Charles Kupperman’s deposition
Released Nov. 21Fiona Hill’s and David Holmes’s Nov. 21 testimony to House Intelligence Committee
Released Nov. 21David Holmes’s opening statement
Released Nov. 21Fiona Hill’s opening statement
Released Nov. 20Laura Cooper’s and David Hale’s Nov. 20 testimony to House Intelligence Committee
Released Nov. 20Gordon Sondland’s Nov. 20 testimony to House Intelligence Committee
Released Nov. 20Laura Cooper’s opening statement
Released Nov. 20Gordon Sondland’s opening statement
Released Nov. 19Kurt Volker’s and Tim Morrison’s Nov. 19 public testimony to House Intelligence Committee
Released Nov. 19Lieutenant Colonel Alexander S. Vindman’s and Jennifer Williams’s Nov. 19 testimony to House Intelligence Committee
Released Nov. 19Kurt Volker’s opening statement
Released Nov. 19Timothy Morrison’s opening statement
Released Nov. 19Jennifer Williams’ opening statement
Released Nov. 19Lieutenant Colonel Alexander S. Vindman’s opening statement
Released Nov. 18David Holmes’s testimony transcript
Released Nov. 18David Hale’s testimony transcript
Released Nov. 16Jennifer Williams’ testimony transcript
Released Nov. 16Timothy Morrison’s testimony transcript
Released Nov. 15Marie Yovanovitch’s testimony transcript
Released Nov. 15Marie Yovanovitch’s opening statement
Released Nov. 15Rough transcript of first call between President Trump and President Zelensky of Ukraine
Released Nov. 14Transcript of the Nov. 13 House Intelligence Committee hearing
Released Nov. 13George Kent’s opening statement
Released Nov. 13Ambassador William B. Taylor’s opening statement
Released Nov. 11Catherine Croft’s testimony transcript
Released Nov. 11Christopher Anderson’s testimony transcript
Released Nov. 11Laura Cooper’s testimony transcript
Released Nov. 8Fiona Hill’s testimony transcript
Released Nov. 8Lieutenant Colonel Alexander S. Vindman’s testimony transcript
Released Nov. 7George Kent’s testimony transcript
Released Nov. 6Ambassador William B. Taylor’s testimony transcript
Released Nov. 5Kurt Volker’s testimony transcript
Released Nov. 5Text messages provided to impeachment investigators by Kurt Volker
Released Nov. 5Gordon Sondland’s testimony transcript
Released Nov. 5Gordon Sondland’s supplemental declaration
Released Nov. 4Michael McKinley’s deposition transcript
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